Tuesday, September 7, 2010


This morning when I woke up I thought that it might be raining.  Then I just convinced myself that it was the ceiling fan going, and rolled back over.  Later on I heard a knock at the door.  Ahh!  I forgot to turn the alarm on last night and it was Kayden at the door!  Cody was 45 minutes late to work and I may or may not have been fully covered when I answered the door.  But one thing I DO remember from opening up the door was seeing....rain!  It rained all.  day.  long.  All day.  Loved it.  I just wish I hadn't watered for 3 hours yesterday!  Eh.  The new crepe myrtles loved it. 

I really did mean to get a picture of the front of the house today, but the rain kinda put a kink in that.  It was odd outside.  From the inside looking out, it really could have been a chilly 60 degrees outside.  Unfortunately I had to run a couple of errands this afternoon with the boys, and I put both Luke and I in pants fully expecting it to be chilly.  Actually.....it was quite the opposite.  When I stepped out of the car to mail an order my glasses immediately fogged over.  It was hot.  And rainy.  Which is what, a 100% humidity?  

So besides my quick trip to the cleaners to mail something, running the water bill by the courthouse, and a Sonic strawberry limeade (which I shared with Luke and he wasn't a huge fan, you should have seen his face), what did we do today?  Not much.  I watched a movie this morning, something I haven't done in forever!   I chased Luke around and around and played tickle monster.  I made Kayden give himself a bottle.  I know, so mean.  I started and finished the order I subsequently mailed later.  I made muffins.   In  general, it was a lazy day.  But who doesn't have those days when it rains?  Tonight Luke had dragged his farm set into the living room, and I started playing with the farmer.  In as deep a manly voice I could muster I had the farmer "talk" to Luke.  He had never encountered that before!  At first he backed up, then he interacted with the farmer a little.  The farmer asked him for the pigs, the horse, and the cow, and Luke would dig them out and hand them to the farmer.  It was so funny!  Then I started talking directly to Luke, asking him how he was doing, and he didn't like that very much.  He hid his face.  It was a sweet first while it lasted!  If he has nightmares tonight though, there's a good chance we may not play like this again for awhile. 

And since you haven't heard enough about my boy tonight, I'm gonna let you in on one more little thing.  His new obsession is to chase down the dog with his toy crate.  To do this, he has to put all the toys that usually stay in/on it in various places.  Like here

or here

which doesn't make me all that happy.  When I went to clean up the mess, the crates were no where to be found.  Eventually I found them under the kitchen table. 

Apparently that's a great place to park them.  It's a good thing this little face is so darn cute.

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