Sunday, September 26, 2010

Weekend Recap

Well, the ladies retreat was fun.  I sure do love my friends.  Friday night we got there, had some sessions, and were done with the planned stuff for the night by 10.   The only problem was that I was STARVING and needed waffles to sleep.  So my dear friends took a trip with me to IHOP.  I haven't been there that late in forever!  Like, forever.  We had a grand ole time, and the only thing that would have made it better was if there hadn't been a million high schoolers in there.  Apparently the football game that night was at home and we timed it just right to arrive when it was over.  Holy moly.  I may have even made the comment "I KNOW I wasn't that inconsiderate when I was in high school."  I think I'm getting old. 

After an eternity long trip for food (I guess IHOP isn't really known for their speedy service) we went back to our room and hit the sheets. I don't think I've ever gone to bed before 1 at a retreat before, but man I was exhausted.  And being full of waffles I slept good too.  At one point before we drifted off Sara asked us if it was okay to go down to breakfast in the morning in her robe.  I told her no.  We were not homeless.  Then we all crashed until about 5, when a storm woke us up.  We were only awake briefly, but long enough to joke about how it would be awful for someone to pull the fire alarm while it was pouring rain. 

And then.......

And then at 7 (about 30 minutes before we were set to wake up) the fire alarm went off.  Seriously.  We stumbled out of our room and down the 4 FLIGHTS of emergency stairs at the end of our hallway only to get outside in the rain and see no one.  No one.  We went back in and walked up to the front lobby and plopped down in some chairs.  If there wasn't smoke, we weren't standing in the rain.  We had already determined that Kerry's super sniffer nose was working overboard the night before so we asked her if she smelled smoke.  In true joking manner, she sniffed around for a minute, declared the building smoke free, and all we had to do was wait for the all clear.  It came about 5 minutes later.  Then we realized that they had started serving breakfast and Sara asked if since we were there if we could go ahead and eat.  Eh, why not. 

And guess what she was wearing?  Mmmmmm hmmmmm.  Her robe.   Obviously we were all in our jammies (and when I say "all", I mean just the 4 of us in our room.  We saw lots of other ladies from our group and they were all dressed, made up, and ready for the day).  So it turns out we looked homeless for breakfast. 

The rest of the day went by.  The sessions were good.  I like the keynote speaker.  I left a little early with Mom, and then had dinner with them that night.  I was in bed by 9:30 I was so tired. 

And then we come to today.  Today fall decided to show up.  I actually wore pants to church!  It stayed in the mid 70's all day, and I don't think this week the temps will get about 85.  Wa hoo!  Tonight we had small groups at the park in honor of the cool weather and we got COLD!  Can you imagine?  Maybe we will get fall this year!

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Lucy Marie said...

Yay for fall! I'm always reading but can't always comment b/c I tend to read when I'm nursing ... so it makes one handed typing hard