Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Saved by the swat

While Luke was in the bath tonight, I was putting away the groceries we had just picked  up from the store.  As I  muddled my way through it there came a maniacal laughter from the bathroom.

That can't be good.

Sure enough, when I dashed in there I found water all over the floor.  He had been dumping it out AGAIN, after many many nights of getting scolded for it.  Enough times that it's become a class A offense- stern warnings, no puppy, and time outs are skipped and it goes straight to the spanking.  So when I asked him to stand up he got a panicky look in his eyes and started doing a little run-in-place thing that I can only describe as his future pee pee dance (when he's potty trained) and holding his little bottom in his hands.  I knew I had to follow through with the punishment, because that's what happens when you pour a gallon of bath water on the floor, but it was very hard to keep from laughing and just hugging him.  Poor baby.  I've never seen him do that before, but I'm 100% certain it won't be the last.  If he's anything like his daddy I will see the don't-spank-my-bottom dance multiple times. 

It's a good  thing this story squeezed into our day at the very last minute, because otherwise I woulda had nuthin.  We ate dinner at church tonight, fried chicken, and at one point I looked over and he had picked up the chicken leg off my plate and was chowing down.  Except he was chowing down on the very end and had managed to get all the cartilage off.  I thought my days of fishing things out of his mouth were over but there I was at the dinner table with our friends, knuckle deep trying to get out huge wads of cartilage before they were removed via the Heimlich Maneuver.  I joked that if I had my camera on me I would have taken a picture of the bare bones for the ole blog and my friend made a comment that it must have been a slow day at the Carver house to warrant pictures of chicken bones for a post topic. 

He was right.  Until bath time that was the highlight of my day.  What did I do the other 10 hours prior?  Only took my DVR from 68% capacity to 35% capacity.  It's a dirty job, but someone had to do it.  New shows started this week, and I need to make sure there is sufficient space for them! Hel-loooo!  And besides the incident mentioned about the bath, we actually had a really good day.  Probably the best day we've had in awhile.   He only got time out once this morning and that was it.  I was so glad to have a sweet day with my sweet boy.  Thank you for all the prayers ya'll are rising up, prayer is the key to it all!

And since I didn't have any pictures from today or any of Luke yesterday here are a couple from after the birthday party the other day.  My boy sure does love to play outside.  Poor kid has 8 or 9 mosquito bites from being out there.

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Lucy Marie said...

When I was a kid, I mastered the don't spank my bottom dance ... and I have a feeling that I will definitely be seeing it a few times myself in the coming years.