Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Get ready for nuthin

Well, today and yesterday were just a whole lotta nuthin.  I actually let Luke watch some cartoons while he ate breakfast, and he thoroughly enjoyed it. 

I had to force him to eat.  See Daisy perched?  She's just waiting for the spills. 

I tried to get him to smile for the camera, but it turned out more like acting try-outs.

You're watching a scary movie....what do you do?

And now it's switched to a comedy!

Oh boy I spend a lot of time alone-ish.  I guess that's the occupational hazard of a stay at home mom.   The rest of the day was spent with me piddling around with the sewing machine.  I really enjoy looking at someone's craft project and trying to figure out how to do it myself, then trying it.  It's my version of mechanical curiosity.  Last year I received a notebook cover in a give away and I was curious to see if I could replicate it.  Good news.  I can.  So now I have a notebook cover in some of my favorite material...it matches my coasters and my camera strap.  You know, I didn't ever take a picture of my new coasters I made, did I?  Hmmmmm.  Oh well.  Maybe tomorrow I'll have something more interesting to talk about.  I'm actually getting out of the house.  Whoa!  We have a play date in the morning with some friends and then we'll be going to lunch.  Yessssssssssssss.  I've eaten lunch meat sandwiches everyday for the last three weeks. 

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Lucy Marie said...

I'm trying my best to catch up with you ... sorry I haven't been around much. Perhaps we can skype sometime soon? Love you friend.