Thursday, September 2, 2010

Revolving Door

First of all, when I was getting ready for bed last night, I heard a funny tinkling sound.  I followed my ears, and it turned out to be this.

Daisy's nails IN the tub.  She was licking up the bath water that had pooled around the drain.  Her water bowl may or may not have been empty and I didn't realize it.  Some dogs drink out of the toilet.  If you're not big enough to reach it, the bath tub will have to suffice.

Today was quite busy in a non-busy kinda way.   First Luke's ECI case worker came out.  She said after listening to him that she really believes he is starting to say more than we realize, it's just really fast and he generally only says the last syllable of the word.  After she left, an old friend stopped by.  We visited for a while, which was super nice because what can I not do when people are over keeping me company?  Be out shopping. 

After Sara left I made myself some lunch and realized how quiet it was due to two napping boys.  Normally I turn on the tv while I eat lunch, but today the silence was so refreshing.  For  some reason it was just.....different.  It was raining outside, cooler and cloudy with blinds all the way up letting in soft light.  The quietness was just so luxurious that I got a magazine to read while I ate and soaked it all in.  Unfortunately it only lasted 10 minutes when Kayden woke up screaming on the wrong side of the pack n play which woke Luke up which was the end of the silence, but still.  I relished in those 10 minutes in a way I hadn't in a very long time. 

Between the time the boys woke up and Kayden got picked up my father-in-law called.  He was at Home Depot and offered to buy me the crepe myrtles that I wanted!  He said he remembered that I had wanted to plant some in the place where Cody had pulled out the other bushes, and since he was there he could get them for me.  Wasn't that the sweetest!  So now I've got two hot pink crepe myrtles sitting in the flower beds, waiting for the ground to dry a little before sticking them in the dirt.  Wa hoo!

And finally, we come to tonight.  Cody crashed on the couch when he got home from work, and that is a perilous place to lay when there is a highly energetic two year old running around.  At one point Luke decided to get cozy with Daddy, so he went and got his puppy, blanket, and quilt and climbed over Cody's head to get situated.

See how he has his blanket hooked around his toe?  He ALWAYS hooks his toe on it and he's pulled so many huge snags in that blanket doing that.  Cody mumbled something about not wanting to be in the picture, but he didn't ever move out of the way, so what's a girl supposed to do?  That was too cute not to remember forever.  Then Daisy wanted to join in the fun.


Lucy Marie said...

Our dog drinks from the toilet. We used to try to stop her but ... it has become a lost cause so now I just make sure the toilet stays clean for her :)

Liam's Mom said...

Liam never finished the last sound of a word. He used to be better at his numbers but I've noticed recently that he's babytalking them more and more, like "uhn, doo, fee, fo, fi, si, seh, ay, ny."