Saturday, September 4, 2010

Quick funny

Real quick....the funniest thing happened today.  I was in the kitchen and Luke comes strutting in wearing only a diaper.  Totally normal.  Except what was not totally normal was the way he was wearing it.  Some how the two tabs that wrap around his belly had stayed velcroed together, but the actual diaper part had slid out and was flapping behind him.  It was like a little white belt and a loin cloth in the back, with his whole front exposed.  Oh, I SO wanted to get a picture of it, but there was just no way to do it in an appropriate manner.  But hopefully now that it's written I'll never forget the mental image. 

Other than that, not much went on today.  Cody and I planted the crepe myrtle bushes in the front yard, maybe tomorrow I'll get a picture of the front of the house now.  We went to Mom and Dad's for dinner, Grandy is in town visiting, and we had a delish meal of homemade lasagna and chocolate cake from scratch.  My momma knows how to feed me!

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