Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Who needs sleep

Ugh.  Last night I was out of my prescription allergy medicine (which actually doesn't work that well) and I had to scrounge around.  I found some old Claritin D in the back of a drawer and good news! it doesn't expire until next month.  The bad news?  Apparently is was some kind of non-drowsy formula that kept me up all. night. long.  It was one of those situations where I would only slightly doze and every 45 minutes or so wake up.  Plus it was still raining outside.  About 3 I gave up and plopped in front of the computer.  I found a link on Lindsay's facebook to this blog called Cake Wrecks.  Oh my goodness.  If you think it's funny during the day, try it when you are delirious with no sleep in the middle of the night.  I think I was actually crying.  Anyway, the point is, I got no sleep last night.

That didn't stop Luke from waking up at 7:30 either.  It was odd, his room was pitch black from the blanket I've got hung over his curtains and the thick rain clouds outside, but that didn't stop the pitter patter of his little feet.  We got up and man was it coming down outside.  I settled in for a Pysch marathon when to my horror the cable/internet went out!  There I was stuck inside with two boys, torrential rains outside, and no entertainment.  Did I fold Mt. Laundry?  No.  Did I clean up all the grass off the floor that had been tracked in?  No.  Did I clean the bathrooms?  No.  I colored.  And it was glorious.  Finally I sucked it up and went out to the box in the garage and jimmy rigged the Verizon box with an extension cord over the car.  Awesome, huh?  Finally the internet was back  up and the marathon was back on.  What a great way to spend a flooded day.

And flood it did.  There were flash floods and tornadoes everywhere.  A couple of my friends had water up or over the bumpers of their cars, but luckily it didn't get that high here at the house. 

See?  Barely standing water.  By 1:00 the clouds were gone, the sun was out, and the pavement was dry.  At my house that is.  When I got to church tonight Ashley said that there were tornadoes at her apartment only a few minutes before hand. 

Several people have asked me how Luke is doing with Kayden. 


You can definitely tell he's an only child, and that he is 2.  He doesn't mind (usually) when Kayden is touching him or physically close or playing with toys that are laying idle, but when Kayden goes for whatever toy that Luke is playing with is when we have the most problems.  Lots of screeching and jerking away.  Sometimes Luke just stands there and screams until I do/say something, sometimes he just picks up and moves away in a huff.  Like today.  Luke was trying to play with his keyboard, and didn't like that Kayden was hitting the keys too.  So the solution?  Move to higher ground!  He did this all by himself.

Look at that smile.  I'm in for it.


Lucy Marie said...

Looking at funny blogs when you are sleep deprived is never good :)

Lissa said...

oh boy. I'm so not ready for rainy season! what a cutie with his keyboard!