Sunday, October 4, 2009

Busy weekend

Friday night and all day Saturday I was at the Ladies' Retreat for church. We had an amazing time! I haven't cried that much in a long time, but it was so moving. I learned a lot, was stretched and shown grace and joy and love. One thing that I learned that I DID NOT like though, was that my good friend is moving at the end of the month. I couldn't even talk about it, I was/am so sad. I knew that they were eventually going to have to move, but the date had been so vague that I had convinced myself that it wasn't really going to happen. But they decided this week and it's happening too soon. :( Okay, moving on before I get even more bummed.

When I got home last night, I walked into a house that looked nothing like the house I left. I left a house with a clean floor, when perfectly fluffed pillows, with laundry out of sight, and toys put away. In a nut shell- a lovely place to be that was CLEAN. *sigh* I am not sure how one person and a baby can get a house dirty that fast. There was stuff EVERYWHERE. And the one thing I asked Cody to do while I was gone was empty the dishwasher. I even had him repeat it back to me so I knew he heard me. Could he do this one simple task? (Well, besides simply keeping the baby alive with out me and my perfected routine) Nope.

Today after church was a baby shower. I told you this weekend was busy! But I didn't stay long for it, I snuck out early (with said friend who is leaving me) and came home to sit. Finally!

And now I will leave you with a precious picture from bath time last night. Luke's latest game is to take off and have me chase him in the 2 seconds in between stripping him down and getting him in the tub.


Lucy Marie said...

So cute! Ha ... "I even got him to repeat it back to me so I knew he heard me". I'm going to have to start using that trick ... although, it looks as though it didn't really work anyway. Hope you get some time to recoup after a busy weekend.

Rachel said...

You know I love Hiney shots!! haha. I hear ya with the husband... I go through the very same thing- SIGH. Maybe one day they will get it!

The Raymond Family said...

You made me cry AGAIN! I'm going to miss you:(
(love the picture)