Friday, October 23, 2009

Huge praise!

It may not sound like the biggest deal to most people, but my baby learned a new sign tonight! Being diagnosed as language delayed, it's a huge praise when he picks up on any new word. (Sign language counts as vocabulary in the medical world.) Tonight I was sitting and working on a secret project while Luke was eating dinner. He had been jibber jabbering most of the time, and I didn't think anything of it. Finally I looked up and he was holding his arms up, flapping his hands....."all done"!! I got so excited. I've used the sign "all done" for the last couple of months, at least 5 or 6 times a day. The last few days I have been praying specifically that God would provide Luke with a vocabulary, and here is a new word! Lets just hope that it continues.

As I foresaw on Wednesday, these last few days have been really laid back. Haven't really done anything, haven't really accomplished much. Yesterday I kept a couple of kids for a few hours, and one of those hours was during breakfast. I was out of fresh fruit, and according to my friend frozen fruit is just as good and cheaper. So I tried out frozen blue berries, since I can't get fresh any more anyway, and I put them in his pancakes and in a ramekin on the side. I stepped out of the kitchen to be with the other kids in the living room, and when the 4 year old and I went back in, she started laughing at Luke. I asked her if we needed a picture of him, and she said yes.
You can also see the hair cut I gave him amidst the bed head. Hopefully tomorrow we will carve our pumpkin and there will be better pictures there.

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