Wednesday, October 28, 2009


Today was Cody's birthday- happy birthday baby! Even though you won't ever read this. Anyway, he doesn't really like birthdays (weird, I know, but he's been like that even in childhood), so I'm always determined to make it a special day. I decided to have The Boy picked up by my parents for church so that we could have a nice quiet dinner that I cooked, and I wanted to do it in a clean home. Oiy. I really didn't have good time management today. Let's start from the beginning.

Last night I put some new flannel sheets on the bed and oh momma were they comfortable. It was so hard to get up this morning! So, the plan to go get Cody donuts while he was showering fell through. It also put the rest of my morning in a time crunch. I needed to go get the groceries for tonight's dinner and get in in the crock pot before Luke and I went to have lunch with him, but we were supposed to be at his office at 11:50, and we didn't leave for the store until 10:30. We got back about 11, so that left me 30 minutes to get the dinner thrown together. I'm not a chopper, I'm not a peeler, I'm not a cooker. That was the fastest I've ever done all three. Which meant I left the kitchen looking like this:
Yikes. I'm slightly embarrassed to show these, I take great pride in my house always being clean. As soon as Luke and I got home from lunch I laid him down for a nap and got to work. Ta da! One hour later it transformed to normal:

Then I needed to move on to the living room. There had been an accident on the couch yesterday, and no one picked up Luke's toys, so the room was a tornado:

But after the cushion covers got washed, the toys put away, and the floors scrubbed, it was relaxation-ready again: (note, I forgot to take the after picture until I started writing this, that's why it's dark outside. It didn't take me until sundown to clean.)

Also, I did a ton of laundry. Here is the pile of CLEAN laundry. Plus there was a load in the washer. And a load in the dryer. And a load of Luke's clothes in his room. This stack was actually taller than Luke, and I tried to get him to stand next to it for the picture, but he's too quick.
Dinner turned out a little dry, the wine was a little intense, and the cake had no icing, but that's how he requested it. Isn't that weird that he wanted a cake with no icing? I eat icing straight out of the can. It's the best part. Anyway, it was nice to have a quiet dinner together. I lit a fire, even though it was 68 degrees out side. We have lived in this house for over 2 years and have never had a fire! So when I lit it, of course I opened the flu. Except that the living room started filling with smoke. Apparently we've lived the last 2 years with it opened the whole time, and I closed it just in time for a fire.


Anonymous said...

I like icing straight out of the can too. I hate cake! I know I am weird but the icing is the BEST part!

Rachel said...

I love your house! SO pretty!

Lucy Marie said...

Wow ... it looks so great. I can't believe all the work you did in one afternoon. You're a mad woman.

The Raymond Family said...

I'm glad I'm not the only one who has trouble with the fireplace:)
Remember that little incident?