Monday, October 12, 2009

More showers

When I say more showers, I am saying literally and.....literally? What I mean is, not only did it rain again today, but there was another baby shower after church. Is anyone keeping count? Yes, that is three baby showers in 8 days. Plus, my good friend finally announced to the world (via Facebook of course) that she is pregnant, and I am so glad she finally shared the news! Yaaaay for more babies! But that little twinge has returned, about how great/fun/exciting/wonderful/thrilling it would be to be pregnant again, and have another sweet Cody&Lindsey combo in our lives. I keep telling Cody that Luke is so cute that we need to see if we can top him with an even CUTER kid. I don't think he's buying it. ;( Oh well. I guess I'm not really ready to clean out that spare room anyway.

Also, the other day I've started reading the book 90 Minutes In Heaven. I got it as a door prize at the retreat last weekend, and to be honest I wasn't allllll that thrilled. But a couple of people told me it was really good so I got a little excited about it. And you know what? It is! I'm about 6 chapters in, and I'm hooked. The first couple of chapters was describing the accident he had, and then what heaven looked like (he was declared dead for 90 minutes, hence the name of the book). After reading that, and having read the book Heaven a couple of years ago, has refreshed me once again in my faith with a peace that I am on the right road. Don't get me wrong, I don't think that focusing on getting to heaven is the right motive for following Christ. He give me such a joy and peace every day, sometimes for no other reason than the fact that He loves me, that if this was all there was, that would be enough. But getting to have some little clue about what things are to come makes it that much easier to keep my eye on the prize and my focus pointed upward.

And now I'm going to go eat a hamburger. I know that it is currently 10:30 at night, but Cody and I were just watching one of those "world's biggest" shows on the food network and they featured a ginormous hamburger. Cody volunteered to go get me one (I promise he did! All I said was, "Yum. Now I want a hamburger.") and he has just returned from What-a-burger. Cheers! Maybe I'll eat it in bed and read another chapter from my book...

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