Saturday, October 17, 2009

Not dead yet...

Not only did I not get struck by lightning by my (slightly rude now that I go back and read it) post from yesterday, God granted me with a little shot of productivity! I went to Home Depot today to get a drain cover for Luke's tub- the drain was working so poorly that I would have to fill it back up half way through bath time- and we went to Target and got his Halloween costume. This has been one area that I've been disappointed in myself for a lack of creativity. I really wanted to come up with something fun, unique, and cute for his costume, but I can't for the life of me! I know that there is still a couple of weeks left for something to come to me, but now we have a Woody (from Toy Story) costume for when I still come up dry. I'm not a huge fan of character costumes, but it's better this than nothing. I guess it doesn't really matter that he's never actually SEEN Toy Story, but by golly we sure can look like it.

I also made this today for him out of one of those shirts from Wal Mart. I hope they get more in throughout the winter, I bought the only two they had in his size and I will be bummed if I have to do laundry every day since the only plain one he has now will be the bottom layer of EVERYTHING from sweaters to oxfords.

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miss tiffany renee said...

it turned out so cute!! such a good idea!