Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Love washed over

This morning I was standing at the sink cutting the tops off of strawberries for Luke when all of the sudden I felt the love of my Savior just wash over me. The itunes was blaring a good song, the baby was happy and eating, it was slightly chilly out side and coffee was brewing, and I just felt completely overcome with peace and love. I felt like this is exactly what I was meant to be doing at exactly that time. I just love when Father blesses me spontaneously like that.

The rest of the day just flew by, I got the house totally picked up, vacuumed the bedrooms and cleaned the wood parts. All of this rain has made it impossible to keep the floors clean, any time you step a toe outside there are little bits of grass everywhere. *sigh* It's kind of like no matter how many loads of laundry you do, at the end of the day what you were wearing will start the stack all over again.

Tonight we (as in Luke and I) had dinner at an old friend's house. I have know Renee since middle school, and although we didn't keep in contact while in college, it's been nice to pick back up now that she and her husband have moved back to the area. We had a nice long visit and I finally had to excuse us when Luke laid down on the floor and started crying. APPARENTLY it was time for bed. He's gotten into the habit of randomly laying down in the middle of the floor lately. Take this picture for example. Background: I was watching tv and I hadn't heard him playing for a few minutes. Then I just hear clapping. I look over and the child is LAYING on the floor in front of his high chair clapping (his sign for "more"). Not crying, not fussing, just clapping. Confused, I look at the clock and it was way time for him to eat a snack. Oops.


Rachel said...

I love it when that happens- you just feel so grateful for all of His blessings. Amazing stuff!

miss tiffany renee said...

so glad that you came over and kept me company!! it was so nice to see you. i hope that we can do it again soon.