Sunday, October 25, 2009

Mosquitos mosquitos go away (a little bit complainy tonight)

I thought that would be an appropriate title since a couple of days ago I asked the rain to go away. All of this rain has made the mosquito population COMPLETELY out of control. Luke has 8 bites on his legs, and I have 6. Blec. And guess what it's doing as I type? Yep. Raining. In fact, the thunder just crashed so loud there is a good chance I might have to take a break in a second due to a terrified baby woken from slumber................nope. I don't hear him. You know what I'm also tired of? Being hypocondriacal (that's a word, right? spell check had no suggestions) about the flu. I swear every evening I am SURE my throat is getting soar and tomorrow I will wake up with fever and the chills. *sigh* What a season. I just hate Halloween in general. I hate scary movies. I hate trying to come up with costumes. I hate haunted houses. I hate all the ridiculously cheesy "horror" decorations. I do love the candy though. I love that I can get lots of sweety treats cheaper than normal. Mmmmmmmm. Sweeties. I think at one point I had something nice to say, something clever and witty, but right now all I can think about is how my house smells like toast and tomorrow, if it's not still raining, it will still be muddy.

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Lucy Marie said...

Oh girl ... I'm sorry that you're not having a good day. I hope the little pests go away soon!!