Friday, October 16, 2009

Lightning might strike...

There is a good chance lightning my strike me in just a moment...because I have some serious news. I am 10 chapters into Leviticus and it is b.o.r.i.n.g. I'm reading in the sub-par NIV version (I'm an ESV kinda gal) because it's my "study" bible with all the little tidbits at the bottom. Even those hint at boring-ness. And I know it's most likely going to get worse, not only because I've peaked ahead, but I've also tried to read through it before. *sigh* But aren't you proud of me for making it 46 days so far? I know if I can just get through to day 53, things might start looking up. That's when Numbers starts. But I wouldn't bet to much money on it. I'm thinking day 82 will be my favorite- done with not only Numbers, but also Deuteronomy and beginning Joshua! Maybe I will be pleasantly surprised and not all of the next 40 days will be a total drag. If I remember I'll keep you posted.

This morning ECI came out for Luke. After working with him she said that she would like to see him have at least a couple of basic words in his vocabulary, seeing that his current repertoire of words is still resting at 0. If by 18 months (December) he isn't really improving we are going to have to bump up his visits from once a month to every two weeks. If you do things in a prayerful kind of way, please remember him and his language development. Between this and my fear of him catching the swine flu I am doing good not to go totally crazy with worry. (FYI- if he catches the flu he will most likely be hospitalized due to his lung/breathing situation)

And now I believe there is a glass of wine, a new Good Housekeeping, and a tub that is calling my name.

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Anonymous said...

Hi I must tell you I am kinda a "stalker" of your blog. I can't remember how I found your blog but I liked you from the start since I am a Lindsey with an "E" too! Now I will tell you I agree with you 100% on Leviticus. I studied Moses last year and read through Leviticus, Numbers and Deuteronomy and it was sooooo boring. Keep it up though, lots of it stuck with me even though I was bored with it!
I guess now I am not so much a stalker anymore ;)