Saturday, October 31, 2009

Halloween 2009

Today I learned that I still need to listen to my momma.  She told me since the day I bought Luke's costume "you need to try it on him to make sure it will work".  Eh, I said.  It'll be fine.  Now I know those are dying last words. 

An hour before we were supposed to be at the church to set up for Trunk or Treat I finally unwrap his Woody costume and put it on him.  Well, tried to put it on him.  It seems my darling little dear has a bit more of a buddah belly than the typical child in the 12-18 month size range.  I tugged and tugged to snap it shut.  When I finally did he could barely toddle around like a stuffed sausage.  Now my mind starts hour, an hour, what can I come up with in an hour. 

The shirt, jeans and boots were his normal clothes that he wears, I cut a square of material left over from his bag that I made him for the kertchif, the hat was salvaged from his Woody costume, and I made a cardboard and foil star for his sheriff's bagde (that said Sheriff Luke).  Except I didn't have any foil so I had to knock on the back door of the people who live behind us and ask for some.  At least I didn't need to borrow a cup of sugar.  Once we got there we did lots of things!  (*warning* lots of pictures to come)

We petted a pig.  Luke squealed in delight when he saw the pig, I think he thought it was a dog of some kind.  He LOVES dogs.

We took some pictures together.

We fished for some ducks.  Okay, he really just splashed in the water and I "fished" for the duck.  Then he threw a tanturm when I pulled him away. 

Then we tried putt putting.

But he decided cheating was more fun.

And he also  "threw" the football.  From the one inch line.

And finally we got a picture with a few of his friends.

He wasn't all that into the actual trick or treating, he just didn't get it. There was lots of aimless wandering.  And finally, here is the back shot of his pumkin that I painted.  The front is just a classic black jack-o-lantern face, and on the sides I painted the words "boo" in green cursive to look like a pumpkin vine.  Maybe next year he'll actually want to use it!

P.S.- I messed with the settings today and I hopefully got the email thing turned on (Lucy, if I didn't you may  need to walk me through it) and I turned on the annoymous (Mom, sorry I didn't realize it was off before.  You should be able to comment now without having an account.)  And I switched to the new editing format, but now I can't find the spell check.  I'm a horrible speller.  HORRIBLE.  Tonight when I showed up mom had to tell me to go fix Luke's badge because I had put "sherif"  not "sheriff".  So, until I can find the spell  check you may have to just deal with it.


Anonymous said...

Look at that precious little guy. He was definitely the cutest sheriff in town. Or is that sherif?? :)

Ashley said...

Hey I have that shirt you're wearing. You only wish you could be as cool as me. And yeah, mom will always be right...

Lucy Marie said...

The costume is super cute ... you would never know it was a last minute improvision.

I will let you know if the comments thing worked next time I get a comment from you - I'll try to respond! :D

Lucy Marie said...

I still can't respond to you. Try going onto blogger, clicking "edit my profile" then where it says privacy, select show my e-mail address. Then go down to Identity and make sure the e-mail address you want to have on there is in the e-mail section. Try that.