Monday, November 2, 2009

Sneaky sneaky

"I  like to start out my letters to you like we are old friends, as opposed to what we really are, two people who met in a chat room where we claim we've never been before."

Anyone like to guess what movie that came from?  If you guessed You've Got Mail, then you guessed right!  It's only the best movie ever, and I'm not bragging  kidding when I say I can quote the ENTIRE movie.  Be jealous.  While it may seem like this is a random start, I feel like it's kind of true.  I do like to visit on here like we are old friends, never mind that we have never met. 

Guess what?  It only took me until 12:30, three cups of coffee, and one old episode of Bones to get moving today!  I wish I was joking.  Last night Cody and I had our fabulous friends over, Scot and Taylor Jackson, and we stayed up late visiting.  Love it!  Don't worry, I didn't forsake The Boy.  We played blocks, hide and seek, and practiced our animal names.  Not that he'll say them, but when we have his puzzle out and I ask him "Where's the (enter farm animal name here)" he can pick up the correct animal most of the time.  Another thing that he accomplished was recording Camino a la Fama.  Who knew that you could record HBO Latino even though we don't get that channel?  I also got my decorative iron scrolls hung above the windows:

I love it!  It adds just that little extra umph, and is just what I've always envisioned it to be.  Now does any one want to take bets on how long it take The Husband to notice?   And here's a funny story that might bore you; this afternoon Luke got up on the fireplace and was pacing back and forth, talking Chinese and waving his hand.  I think public speaking might be in his future.

Also, I still can't find where they've moved the spell check to.  If you know where they hid it, please let me know!


Anonymous said...

You must get a video of the little guy on the fireplace solving the world's problems in Chinese!! :)

Love the window treatments!

Lucy Marie said...

I love the windows - they look great!

And I enjoy visiting with you, too - even if we've never met :)