Saturday, November 28, 2009

Christmas overhaul

This morning Luke actually let us sleep in until almost 9 this morning!  And I use the term "us" loosely...Cody rarely gets out of bed on the weekends before 2, no matter what time The Boys rises, so guess who gets up with him 7 days a week.  I'm sure mom's heard round the world groan in frustrated agreement with me. 

About 11 this morning Luke chose to play in a cabniet he's not allowed to touch, and all of the sudden there was a *CRASH*SHATTER*SCATTER* as he pulled over one of my hurrican glass candle  holders that is a part of my Christmas decorations.  RIP dear blue hurricane.  I've searched for more of you over the years, and if I couldn't find you then, I surely won't find you now. 

Are we up to 3 eulogies now?

Anyway, the noise brought Cody running (holy smokes!) and he helped me clean up the blood (Luke got the TINY-EST pin prick of a poke from the broken glass and the thing would not stop bleeding) and the shards.  Then I decided to be proactive about saving any more Christmas decorations from destruction and get in the festive mood.  Cody was not quite as excited about brining in the Christmas tree from the garage and in his huff he DESTROYED the tree's box.  Not real sure what to do  in 28 days when it's time to take it down, but we'll see (I already know the bottom section is too long to go in the largest plastic tub they have a Home Depot.  I tried that last year).  Since he was being a party pooper I made myself some more coffee with peppermint mocha creamer, tuned the TV to the Christmas music channel, opened up the windows and got to work!  (It was in the lower 70's today)

Two hours later I had everything out and decorated just like I wanted, but looking around at the mess I was completely over whelmed.  So.......I ate some lunch, called Niki to check on how she and the baby were doing, watched some DVR, and tried to gather my senses into some kind of plan to clean.  I did eventually manage to get it done and swept/dry swiffer/wet swiffered the floors due to the ungodly amount of crud all the decorations tracked in the house.  It was so bad, I tried to get Luke to wear flip flops around the house so his little feet wouldn't get nasty, but he wouldn't have it. 

By about 4 I was thoughly impressed with the state of my house INSIDE, but outside was a different matter.  The shrubs outside have become quite an eyesore over the last year or so, but I've always been to lazy to do anything about it.  But now that the tree was up I was irked that you couldn't see it from the street due to the jungle outside the window.  Plus I've been annoyed over the last few months that I couldn't see who was coming up the sidewalk anymore when someone came over.  So I ran over to Mom and Dad's and got their electric hedge trimmer.  H.O.L.Y C.O.W.  That thing was BUTTER.  I have never enjoyed doing yard work as much as  I did  when I had that thing whirring and the leaves were flying.  I got so into it that I had to go find Cody's  hand saw to cut off the bigger branches.  Let me tell you, those shrubs are now a thing of wonder.  Two of them are at LEAST half the size they were before, and the others are nice and shapely.  Love it. 

But then there was the problem of what to do with all of the clippings.  What do you do with them?  I tried to get Cody out there to help me clean them up, but he wouln't come.  So now they are in the back of his truck.  That way they are ready for him whenever he feels like doing something about them.  ;)

I think tomorrow will be a "wordless Sunday" and I'll just post pictures of all my decorations since this turned out to be a novel.


Mandy said...

I have a little landscaping that needs to be done. Do you come to Houston?

Lucy Marie said...

I cannot wait to see all of your decorations!