Sunday, November 22, 2009

Riveting recount

*Any one else:  "Hey Lindsey!  How was your weekend?"

*Me:  "Oh, you know, same 'ol same 'ol.  Hung out with my friend, worked on my knitting, found globs of yogurt smeared on the couch.  Went to church.  Nothing too exciting."

Aren't you so glad we had that conversation?  Now you can see why I'm not a big phone talker.  I can remember growing up how my mother would talk on the phone for HOURS at a time.  What did they talk about?  I just remember her getting frustrated with me and my sister because we would always sometimes ask her a ton of questions when she was on the phone.  I semi-understand that feeling....I get it when I try to go potty and a certain someone always trys to close the potty on me and then spins all the toilet paper off the roll and tears it up.  Isn't my life just thrilling?

So pretty much that's how my whole weekend went.  I was really bored last night, just watching t.v, knitting, and wondering how long Luke can run around in circles before he becomes permanently dizzy, when my very pregnant friend called me up.  She is due tomorrow (*so excited I can barely contain myself*) and her husband had a thing he had to go to last night, so she needed distracting before she drives her self crazy with "baby, get here NOW" thoughts.  We grabbed dinner and a movie, then came home to watch My Sister's Keeper.  I'm not really a fan of watching people throw up.  In fact, it causes me a lot of anxiety and was a strong contender in the Reasons To Maybe Not Have A Kid list.  But that was really the only thing on the list .  And then I got knocked up.  

When we were putting the movie on and arranging the cushions around her to maximize comfort, Niki found a huge smear of, what I'm hoping is, yogurt on my brown silk couch pillow.  Awesome.  I'm not sure how long that had been there.  *sigh*  I swear when all of our kids move out and never come back I  am going to scrap everything and start all over.  Only a couple of more decades to figure out my redecoration schemes! 

Tonight I worked more on my knitting (suprise suprise) and got sucked into wedding shows on the WE channel.  Mainly this one show where a super fancy wedding planner totally makes over someone's wedding three weeks before the big day.  If I hear the word "bling" one more time I think I might......turn the channel.  I hate the word "bling" in reference to sparkly things.  AHHHHHHH!  HATE IT!  Let's put that on Lindsey's Growing List of Words I Hate.  There are quite a few.  And no, we aren't going to go there. 

Oh, I also pulled a few weeds today.  Since it's still in the upper 60's here, weeds have finally taken over my flower beds.  I started to clean them  up this afternoon, and then I realized that there were mosiqutos buzzing around so I ran inside.  Surely it will get cold soon and kill them, right?


Lucy Marie said...

I watched my Sister's Keeper this weekend too. What did you think of it? Had you read the book?

Also - in case you didn't know - you won a giveaway on April's dot dot dot blog!

The Shirley's said...

can I just say... there was a mosquito buzzing in my ear last night inside my house. that's even worse than the swarms of them in the flower beds.