Thursday, November 5, 2009

RIP long naps

I guess I've  had this coming for a long time now.  I just kept making excuses as to why it was happening.  Maybe the window was letting too much light in.  Maybe he didn't eat enough at lunch.  Maybe I made a startling noise.  Maybe it's because he hasn't been feeling well.  But folks, I need to face the fact.  Meet the new challenge head on. 

Luke no longer takes 4 hour naps.

I know that other babies don't do this.  I know I've been lucky to get such an amazing sleeper for the last 15 months.  I know that I'm spoiled.  But that's just it....I'm spoiled.  Now how am I supposed to get all the things done I need to while he's sleeping?  When will I shower, and eat lunch, and catch up on the DVR, and do my quiet time with the Lord, and play on the computer?  When I ask you?  Today he only napped for 45 minutes.  *sigh*  All I can say is......booooooooooooooooooooooooooo.

Now on to something a little lighter (and yes, the darling non-sleeper is feeling better.  He ate, he played, he even bonked several body parts throughout the day with minimal hysteria).  The other day at Hobby Lobby I got a new favorite coffee mug:

Isn't it so cute?  I also realized tonight that it doubles as a great ice cream mug.  Mmmm.  Ice cream.  Blue Bell was on sale so I got some peppermint and top it with Luke's Halloween M&Ms.  Hey, he could easily choke on those!  I am only looking out for his best interest.  I put a pen in the picture so you can tell how big it is.  Now normally I'm  not a matchy matchy person, but it's the same print as some of my fabric!  It's the same fabric I used to make my coasters.  So now I can put my cup on it's matching coaster.  Aaaaannnnd I think I just got the award for the biggest cheese ball.


Lucy Marie said...

Cute mug .. I wish we had hobby lobby here.

Melanie said...

Sorry, you're not going to get any short nap sympathy from this mommy. I take my shower during Baby Einstein, the problem with that is most of them are only 22 min. Shower fast!