Friday, November 6, 2009

Missed pictures

Yesterday I was cleaning out Luke's closet, putting away the little shirts and pants that are too tight around his pudgy belly, and you know what I realized?  I dress that boy soo cute when we go out, but at home we mostly wear p.j.'s or just a diaper (why get an outfit dirty when we are just at home?), but that's when he does all the funny things that get recorded on the camera!   I should really start taking his picture before each time we leave the house, so that in the coming years when he is going through a "grunge" phase, or a "long hair" phase, or a "I'm so awkward it hurts" phase, I can look back and remember that he had more going for him than Huggies.

Also, what is with those bumper stickers that are white ovals with black letters in them that stand for.....something.  I NEVER know what those letters are supposed to mean.  Today I was behind a car that had one that were the letters ANI.  ANI?  Anniversary?  Yes lady, we all have anniversaries of some kind, no need to broadcast it.  Anikan Skywalker?  Oops, I just googled how to spell Anikan, and it's actually Anakin (dear spellcheck, how I miss you so).  Which is good, because crazed Star Wars fans are a little over rated (sorry anyone who is a- or related to a- member of the Sloan family).  So now I'm officially out of things that ANI could stand for.  I happened to be behind this lady in the drive through at Chick-Fil-A and I was this close to knocking on her window, but don't worry I didn't. 

And since  I'm trying to turn over a new leaf, picture wise, here is what he wore today.  We went to the dr (he is still wheezing, but otherwise is doing much better!) and then to the grocery store for the things that I forgot on Tuesday night.  I even had a list.  Ketchup was the first thing on the list.  Guess what I forgot at the grocery store today?  Ketchup.  The reason he is staring up is the only way I could get him to stand still long enough to take a picture was to turn on the Disney channel.  Be prepared for a lot of pictures in this pose.


John said...

Maybe you shouldn't work so hard to offend the only people who read your blog. :)

And I wouldn't say 'crazed'

Ashley said...

Do u know what the white oval sticker with black letters on my car means? Hahahaha see u tomorrow!

Lucy Marie said...

I don't know if I know what those oval things are that you are talking about. Also, I love Luke's hat. Super cute.