Friday, November 20, 2009

Goverment was here

Nothing will get your floors clean like someone from the government coming out!  Don't worry, no one called CPS on me.  Our ECI case worker came out to work with Luke on his language.  While she is glad that his receptive language vocabulary is growing, she is concerned that he still has no verbal vocabulary and is still just babbling.  He has a month and a half to start using at least three words or she is going to have him evaluated by a speech pathologist.  :(  While I absolutely want him to have all the resources needed to develop normally, I was really hoping we would be more on track by now and that this wouldn't be needed.  God still has time to work His magic though, right?  If  I've learned anything through life it's that time tables are a laughable matter when it comes to God and His work. 

Now I have another eulogy to write.  If you missed the first one, that's okay.  Today I would like to remember my 10 inch pan lid.  As I was cooking dinner Luke decided to get out the pots and wooden spoons, and then he found the lids.  I didn't think he could shatter them but alas, with a sickening crunch my most used, my favorite go-to lid came to it's demise.  I knew as soon as the technician said "It's a boy!" that eventually many of my belongs would end up shattered in the trash, but I was hoping to stave off the inevitable until he was, oh you know, 20 or so .  So good bye my dear friend.  You will be missed.  And as I  scour the internet to find your replacement that will, I have no doubt, not match the other lids in the set, I will remember you always.

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Lucy Marie said...

Praying for his language development. The Lord certainly has time to work.

Also, I hope you can find a replacement lid!