Friday, November 27, 2009

Home at last

So, it took us awhile to finally get home.  As I had stated yesterday, I figured we would come home last night, but we ended up leaving today so that Cody could stop in Abilene and pick up some hot sauce that he is obsessed with from this little Mexican food place there.  When it comes to Cody, salsa perfection trumps everything, including sleeping in one's own bed. 

This morning Mom let Cody and I sleep in after Luke (still) woke up right after the crack of dawn.  When I finally go up she showed me how he and Daisy got to watch cartoons this morning. 

Since he didn't have any of his push toys while we were gone, he found the ice chest I brought and pushed it EVERYWHERE.  He didn't care where he was going or who he had to run over to get there. 

Then this afternoon right as we were trying to get on the road, Mom decided she wanted a group picture of everyone.  Cheese!

Dude is on my shoulders because it was NAP TIME and he was not afraid to show it.  This was about the only way to keep him from screaming in the picture.  So right after this was snapped we loaded up the car and set off.  Or so we thought.  As we gassed up on the outskirts of town Cody had the bright idea to call Los Arcos to make sure they were open today.  She said yes, but only until 2:15 when they would close for a couple of hours, and then open back up.  You know it's authentic Mexican when they observe the siesta.  Seeing as it was 1:40 and it takes an hour to get to Abilene, he askes me if I wanted to hang out a little bit longer at Gran and Grandy's and then hit the road when they were open. 

So...Luke got his nap in a bed instead of the car seat.  Much to the suprise of everyone, we showed back up 10 mintues after we left and stayed until Luke woke up.  Nothing like planning your day around hot sauce, huh?  When The Boy got up at 4 we hit the road for the second time.  Not a sentence I thought I would be saying. 

4:00 was also the last time anyone in our white car was happy.  Luke decided that this time he did NOT want to be in his car seat and that screaming at the top of his lungs was the only way to get something done about it.  It's a 4 hour drive from Gran and Grandy's to our house (except for the quick stop at Los Arcos where Cody picke up 3 PINTS of the stuff.  3 pints.)  and he screamed for about 75 to 80% of it.  We managed to get him to stop for about 25 minutes when I got the bright idea to sing songs to him. 

Word from the your nusery songs and children's Christmas songs and bible class songs  BEFORE you have children.  Not when you are trying to save your sanity and spare a kid's life.  Also, this is probably the first time Cody and I have ever "sang" together like that.  Did you know that there are different ways to sing EVERY SINGLE SONG?  Awesome huh?  Cody only knew about half of the lyrics  to whatever we were singing, and he's the type to make up crazy off topic words as opposed to things that would make some sense in the song.  But, I did kind of know that before I married him.


Arrie said...

I am so excited to find someone else that loves Los Arcos as much as I do! I made my family drive 5 hours just so we could stop in Abilene to eat there - even though we had free plane tickets. So I totally understand the obsession! Love the blog layout by the way. :)

Anonymous said...

The top photo should be titled: