Monday, November 16, 2009

Utterly ridiculous

So this morning I was flipping through the channels and I saw that the WE channel has a new show called "Platinum Babies".  What?  I just had to check it out. 

Holy Moly.  Have any of these people had babies before?  It was very apparent that the answer is "no" after seeing the gifts at the baby shower.  A solid white bib with just the word Gucci on it?  Obviously the giver of this gift has never been told what the actual purpose of a bib is.  Any thing solid white on a child 10 years or younger is going to last all of 15 seconds.  Not the best way to spend $150.  And a diaper bag that is $2200?  I would like to see that bag in a few months, after the milk has spilled, the cheerios get turned upside down, and the spit up infested clothes/bibs/burp rags/toys live in there for a few days at a time.  This really makes me sad due to all the Compassion stories that are on the blogs right now.  One baby is sleeping on silk sheets, while another one is on a dirt floor.  Breaks my heart.

On a lighter note, Luke has taken to "helping" me lately.  Yesterday it was with his wardrob choice again.  Except this time he brought me one of my tee's to put on him.  So it resulted in a dress like this. 

And then he tried to take it off himself and only got this far. 


Lucy Marie said...

That is really sad. That kind of stuff breaks my heart.

And that picture of him trying to get the shirt off is too cute.

Rachel said...

Those people should take their $2,200 gifts and give it to Compassion. I cannot tell you how amazing that organization is... Mark and I have been so blessed by our little Sanjay's letters and pictures. This is so sad to me that people would be so stupid with their money! BTW, Luke is super cute :)