Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Another "exciting" day

He sure does love his puppies.  This morning we woke up at 7 and his temperature was 102.7 and he was GASPING for air.  It was the most horrible sound I have ever heard.  I immediatly gave him two puffs of his rescue inhaler and called the on call dr to ask if I needed to go straight to the ER or wait for the inhaler to maybe work.  She told me to do two more puffs, wait 10 minutes, do two more puffs, and dope him up on fever reducers.  If it helped then we should meet them at the door at 9, if not, go to the ER.  He breathing was still pretty ragged, but it did help a little, so we laid in bed at watched cartoons until 9.  They gave him a special breathing treatment with epinephrin in it and prescriptions to treat flu and bronchiolitis.  Yikes.  So we spent the rest of the morning on the couch.  All of this also means we are back on these:

"Argggggg Matey!  Oh wait, this isn't the eye patch they are talking about?"

I put on facebook at about 12 that Luke was being treated for flu and bronciolitis, then I started him on his first round of meds and put him down for a nap.  I went in and laid down too, and we got up at 4:00!  While we were napping I had sooo many people comment that they were praying for him, and let me tell you- those prayers worked fast!  He woke up and you could tell he felt refreshed and the fever was very low grade.  Praise Jesus!  There is no one else who gets the glory for my little love to have a sweet turn around.

All of this sickness and isolation has put a sever cramp in my grocery store attending.  In fact, the fridge was so bare I decided it would be a super easy time to clean the shelves.  Some thing that had not been done in the 2 years we've lived  here.  Here it is before I started cleaning:

And whilst I was cleaning, I realized how much gunk and expired things we had in there, so it got even more pitiful:

But after I put The Love to bed I was able to go to the grocery store.  Saved by Tom Thumb!

Mmmmm....I can't wait to have a lunch tomorrow that is more that bread and cheese.  :)


Anonymous said...

Praise God that the little guy is better! Keep up the great TCL!

Anonymous said...

TLC as well! :)

Lucy Marie said...

Praise God for restored health!!

Melanie said...

Ahh, poor little Luke. Hope he continues to get better.

Rachel said...

Oh no, poor little guy! And I thought we had it bad. I had no idea he was on breathing treatments! I hope he gets to feeling better soon!