Monday, November 30, 2009

Please dress for the weather.

Will the male gender ever learn what is appropriate attire is?  That's the question I asked myself today.  It has FINALLY gotten chilly here!  The wind was really brisk and cutting when Luke and I got out this morning.  As we were pulling out of Target I saw a boy wearing basket ball shorts, flip flops, and a huge puffy jacket.  Really?  Didn't this dude have a mom/girl friend/girl-who-is-a-friend to tell him that was not the best wardobe choice?  Now the flip flops I get, I was really tempted to put them on myself this morning.  But come on!  Tomorrw is December already....put some pants on man!

Whew.  I just had to get that off my chest.  And now I am proud to say that I've gotten 95% of Luke's Christmas presents bought and wrapped.  And I got a pattern today for another couple of presents I'm making.  And some more yarn.  Remember that blanket I started knitting for my friend a week and a half ago?   Well, I've already finished it, and instead of being square it's a rhombus.  :(  I have even tried blocking it, and the darn thing is still tilted.  So.....I gave it to Luke and am starting again.  I think I might have it figured out this time to make it have right angles.  This time I'm doing it in chocolate brown instead of sage green.  I'll let you know how it turns out!

Also just so you know, I've made up the most yummy dessert.  Are you ready for this?  Take two sugar cookies,  smear a generous glob of Nutella on one and smoosh them together sandwich style.  Voila!   Yummy goodness I've indulged  in twice today.  And yesterday.  And most likely tomorrow if Cody doesn't eat all the cookies after I go to bed.

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Lucy Marie said...

1. It was below freezing yesterday here and I saw a girl running in shorts. I don't care if you're running - put some pants on.

2. I love nutella. I sometimes eat it on a spoon :)