Sunday, November 8, 2009

Not a lot to say

Cody went hiking this weekend with my friend's husband this weekend, and last night she came over to hang out with us (Luke and I) and we (Taylor and I) stayed up WAAAAAAAAAAY late visiting.  So fun!  But this morning it proved to be very very difficult to wake up for bible class.  Like, getting up 30 mintues later than normal, and then getting back in bed after my shower until 40 mintues before church.  I didn't even get Luke out of bed to eat breakfast until 15 minutes till.  Yes, we were a bit late.  I am also going to help her with the chorus section of LTC.  Lets just say....this will be interesting. 

Also, I am currently battling absolutely out of control sinuses.  I don't know if it my allergies out of whack from having the windows open for two days or a cold is coming on.  I  hope it's not from the windows, because it has been BEAUTIFUL here.  I'm talking sunny days, temps in the  upper 70's, and gentle breezes.  Ahhh.  I wish life was always like this.  Except for the allergies.  I'm going to ask God one day why He so cruely created allergies. 

I start Deuteronomy tomorrow.  Levitcus wasn't too bad!  But you know what I'm really hung up on?  In all of the rules of sacrifice and cleanliness and things of that nature, there is no mention of cleaning the alters.  All I could think about was how over the years of alllll the sacrifices, they never cleaned the blood off the alters after the priests sprinked them.  Ummmmm....Ew.  I just have this mental picture of these beautiful alters covered inches thick  in blood, sticky and stinky and swarming with flys.  Did God miraculously clean them every so often?  And didn't the sacred  objects in the Most Holy room get dusty since the high priest was only allowed in there once a year?  I'll add  these to my list of questions for God the next time I see Him.

So anyway, all of this to say, while I didn't have a boring weekend, I don't particularly have anything to write about.  Unless you want to talk about how to perfectly apply mentholatum to your nose, or how to turn the tissue just right to get maximum use out of each one.  We could also talk about how to effectivly make your kid gag on tamiflu to the point of throwing up an entire dinner.  Cause we did that last night too.

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