Monday, November 9, 2009

Mr. Personality

That has absolutely been the theme of the last couple of days when it comes to dealing with The Boy...."Mr. Personality".  First, this morning, apparently he didn't want to hang out at the house any more because at about 11 he takes me into his room, into his closet, pulls a shirt off the hanger, and gives it to me.  I was a little confused, so I slowly held it open for him and he stuck his little arm in and put it on (yes, he was in, yet again, just a diaper, and his closet has split level rails so the bottom one is his height).  So I button it up, and he goes right back in and starts pulling EVERY THING off the hangers.  There is now a pile of 13 oxford shirts I get to hang back up. 

Well, he got his wish, because not long after that my friend Niki called and to hang out after he got up from nap time (which was only 30 minutes long...boooooo).  Trying to be true to my former declaration of getting his picture every day of whatever cute outfit he's wearing, I get him dressed and head for the camera.  Now, the kid knows when the shoes go on we are leaving, so he got all happy and was banging on the garage door in effort to get us to leave faster.  Needless to say when I forced him into the living room to get a quick photo, this is all I got:

Torture or what?  (yes, this is the shirt that he picked out)  And then there is  this video from tonight.  I promise it's not on high speed.  

Also, I'm still highly stopped up today.  Like, I've even resorted to trying Luke's nose sucker.  It was.....interesting.


Jessica O (Adalines mom) said...

Really.. the booger sucker HAHAHAHA! You crack me up!

Her and Luke would have fun playing together... she does the same thing if her toys are still in the bucket!

Anonymous said...

Ok, that video puts a smile on my face. What a cutie pie!! :)