Thursday, November 12, 2009

Don't judge me.

So....I got a little bored at dinner. 

Correction.  I got a little bored with how long Luke took to eat.  So I got busy with the mousse.  Don't worry, it was bath time shortly after he "finished" eating. 

This morning I actually took him to the park!  Bless his heart, he had the best time.  He giggled for a solid 25 minutes.  I should really do that more often.  Then we went to Walmart for a couple of things, came home to eat a quick bite, and then it was down for his nap. 

I've started something new.  It's called "I'm weening Luke off the pacifier."  Have you heard of it?  The last couple of days I've used it sparingly while he was awake, but today he didn't get it at all and nap time was the first time I've tried to get him to sleep without it.  It went suprisingly well!  I guess the park really wore him out.  But night-night time was completely different.  He cried for 30 mintues before I gave in and let him have it.  This isn't going to be as easy as I thought.  Which is why I'm starting now instead of in, you know, a year or so.  You might ask "Why Lindsey?  Why have you randomly chosen today to give up the paci?"  Well, let me tell you.  The dependence seems to be growing.  Like he goes and seeks it out in the middle of playing.  I thought it would be better in the long run to nip it now.  I didn't think that I would try and ween him this early, but I'm thinking in the long run it will be easier. 

Maybe tomorrow night I'll let him cry for 32 mintues before caving.  We'll get there one day.

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