Sunday, October 18, 2009

In control (kind of)

So yesterday my lovely friend of about 3 years, Niki, called me. She is having a baby in about 5 weeks and she was feeling completely overwhelmed with her nursery. She has the CUTEST bedding and accessories, but every single present from her shower last week was still in it's bag in the middle of the floor. And who does she call for rescue organization? ME!! I knew I was good friends with this gal for a reason. Can I just tell you again how much I love to organize stuff? If I could run a business organizing things, I totally would. I got to spend the whole afternoon sorting clothes, arranging drawers, setting up more accessories, and I only got a little too bossy once (well, in my head it was only once). I really tried to remind myself every 5 minutes or so that this wasn't my room, wasn't my baby, and wasn't my life, so that she wouldn't kick me out.

Let me just clarify one more time- I didn't DECORATE her room...she's done a beautiful job of that. I can't wait for Riley to spend sweet, dream filled nights (and afternoons) in her gorgeous room. I just got to help organize it.

Whilst I was at Niki's house working my magic, Mom and Dad took Luke to lunch, let him nap at their house, and then took him to the park. Fun with Papa:

And fun with Nana:

And then I got to come home to my whirlwind of a house. Cody and I didn't have the greatest night last night, so I didn't pick up before I went to bed and let me tell you I paid for it when I walked in. The reason for the mess? Here:

Can you tell what he's doing? I have a sugar mold with glass votives in the holes right inside the fire place (it used to be right outside of the fire place, but once he started climbing up there I thought it would be safer inside of the wire curtain thing). He figured out that the votives come out, and he took them all out. Then he put them all back in. Then he took them all out. Then he left. Awesome.

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Lucy Marie said...

You can totally come here and help me organize stuff around my house. I'd love that. Your friend is lucky!!