Thursday, October 8, 2009

We've bonded

This morning I had a whole lot of trouble getting going, it took me forrrrrrrreverrrrrr to get moving to make breakfast. Like an hour. But we got there and I was gearing up for a day of home life, trying to get motivated to clean something. Not too long after breakfast I took Luke back to change his diaper, and he only had 2 diapers left in the basket so I thought "My first productive task can be to refill his diaper basket." So I opened the drawer and my heart skipped a beat. It was empty. I mean EMPTY. All I had left was 4 swim diapers. I have never let him get this low! So we immediately threw some clothes on and went to Walmart. I was a little bummed because I had just made coffee and it was raining, but what if he had two blow outs? What if someone called and was having an emergency and we were gone all day? What if a tornado came through with the misty rain we were getting and we were stranded? (FYI- there wasn't even thunder in our fall shower today) Okay okay, maybe I over reacted a little, but still, I panicked and ran us to Wallyworld.

When I got home something magical happened: the sun came out and the FedEx guy delivered my coat rack! Is it weird that I've always wanted a coat rack? I found one on Amazon last week for $47! Whoooo hoo! So I was super pumped when the delivery man showed up. Plus, who doesn't love a package? It came in a bunch of pieces:

(Dog and child's board book not included)

But after my magic touch I turned it into this!

(yes, my kid is pantless AGAIN. I promise he always has on pants in public!)

And then after I finished putting it together there were little pieces of Styrofoam all over the floor, forcing me to clean it. This was a good thing though, it had only been a week since I had cleaned them but Luke's sock were......let's just say they weren't staying white on the bottom.

Then tonight at Celebrate Recovery we had a shocking situation. If you know my child personally, you know how easy going he has always been. Never ever has had a hard time when I leave him places. But tonight was a whole different ball game. In between worship and small groups I had to pass by the room he was in. He saw me and got all squeally. Of course I had to go over and kiss him hello real quick, but then the lady confessed that he'd been having a hard time and had been crying off and on. Hmm. So I set him down to go into small groups and he gets hysterical. HYSTERICAL. I give him some milk and his favorite book and quickly exit the room. I'm in small groups for 20 minutes when the nursery coordinator sneaks in and waves me over. Really? My child? Poor kid could not calm down and I had to go get him. I would have never thought it. Sooooooo.......I guess he has finally bonded to the point of attachment! Maybe I should have taken the clue when he got mad I was holding another baby last night....

Then of course when we got home he was all giddy and hyper. Just look what he did in 45 seconds. Not even kidding.

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