Friday, October 30, 2009

Happy 100th!

This is my 100th post! I can't believe I've made it this far. I was SO sure that after a couple of weeks I would be totally over blogging, just like all of my other "journaling" attempts. But here I am! I thought for a long time about what I should say on this oh-so-special post. Should I make up a top 100 of things I love? 100 things that are *cough* unique about me? 100 things I want to accomplish? And then I realized if I tried to come up with 100 of ANYTHING it would take me 100 years, so I nixed the idea and went with how I almost universally start my posts....

Today we went to Old Navy where they were having some long sleeve shirts for $7! I got 3. And a flappy hat for Luke. And camo flip flops for him for next summer (they were 48 cents). And a pair of super soft house shoes. Then we went to Hobby Lobby for some rick rack and I found some metal decorations for above the living room windows. I'm waiting to put them up until Monday when Cody is at work. I don't think he'll really like them, so if I put them up while he's gone I bet I can get away with it for a couple of months before he notices. Sneaky, yes, but sometimes you have to put men's inability to notice details to our advantage. Finally we stopped off a Target for candy for tomorrow and diapers. I am so tired of buying diapers. Is 16 months too young to potty train?

I also painted Luke's pumpkin trick-or-treat bucket today. That's what I needed the rick rack for. Instead of boring you with pictures of it today and then more tomorrow from when he's all dressed up, I'll just wait. You're welcome!


April said...

Hi Lindsey! Happy 100!! Thanks for following my blog ... I am loving yours, too!! :o)

Lucy Marie said...

Happy 100th post!!! I can't wait to see Luke's costume. By the way - did you know you can set your profile up so that people can respond directly to your comments through e-mail? I have tried to respond to you so many times but I can't!