Monday, July 5, 2010

The 4th with no pictures

I know you are so disappointed to hear that.  No on slat of photographic evidence that what I'm describing actually took place?  Shame on me.  And shame on you for doing a silent cheer.  Just for that you're getting a freebie at the end. 

Saturday was cloudy as usual, and the threat of rain was I'm sure scary to some people as they wondered if the fireworks shows planned for that night would get rained out.  Good news.  It didn't.  And we didn't go see any shows that night.  What I DID do, was go shopping with my Momma during Luke's nap time.  It was glorious.  We "popped" into New York and Co. for a minute and they were having the most fantastic sale.  A good 75% of the store was priced at $9.99 and under!  Mom treated me to a new jean jacket, cardigan, sequined tank top, which would have normally cost us $130ish. totaled only $26.  CA-RAY-ZEE.  What can I say?  My Momma likes to splurge on me.  ;)

After shopping I came home thinking Cody and I were going to take Luke to grab some dinner and hit up Toy Story 3, but Dillon was over and had convinced Cody to hit up the weeds out back.  So I'm definitely not complaining when I say we didn't make the movie.  We ended up still having a little family date though, we took Luke to the Blue Goose for dinner and then walked around the shopping center.  At one point we let him play in the pool/fountain and I was for sure he was going to fall in head first.  He didn't. 

Sunday was still overcast, but church was good.  And lunch at Outback afterwards with the in laws was good.  To finally get our 4th of July party on, we had Mom and Dad come get Luke while we headed to a party.  A swim party!  Whoo hoo!  Nothing says 4th of July like no kids, a pool, a hot grill, and loud music. Our friend Keith had everyone over.  When I say "everyone" I mean a whole crew of us from high school that still hang out and keep up.  We had the best time.  And this year I even watched the fire works show!  I was a little bummed that Luke couldn't experience them with me, but there's always next year.  Let's just say that it wasn't exactly a kid friendly party.  (Even though my dear friends were sweet enough to ask where he was and act disappointed he didn't come)  I know he was in good hands with Mom and Dad, who took him to one of THEIR friend's 4th of July party, which was kid friendly.  He got to swim in their pool, and was a  perfect angel.  Mostly.  There's a rumor that he threw a couple of fits, but if I don't see it, it doesn't happen.

Today I got to deal with the repercussions of not being home much this weekend.  There was a multitude of work clothes, wet towels, swim gear, and various articles of clothing EVERYWHERE, plus the giant pile of clean clothes that never got put away from doing laundry last Monday.  Needless to say I spent the entire day washing, drying, folding, ironing, and putting away laundry.  I didn't even to do any actual cleaning because that and just straightening the house took so long.  Oh well.  There's always tomorrow.   (which coincidental is the Stay At Home Momma's motto.  You have to say it at the staff meetings.)

And since I didn't risk getting my camera baby in danger by taking her to a party, the only pictures I have are from today.  Luke followed me in to the bathroom while I pottied (unfortunately a very common occurrence.  He hasn't learned "privacy" yet.) and just climbed right on into the bathtub.  Shoes and everything.  He attempted to turn on the water, but I NO NO NO!!!!ed him fast enough to stop that.

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