Thursday, July 15, 2010

I keep forgetting to mention

My baby learned a few new words over the weekend....finally!  He's had Momma, Daddy ("dA-deeeeee"), and yessssssss down for a long time now.  This weekend he busted out with Nana (which sounds like more like Nan-neeeee), come on!, too tooo (for choo choo, meaning a train) and uh ohhhhhh.  He'll used uh oh appropriately most of the time, but some times not so much.  Mom also swears he was saying carry you this weekend, but I didn't get to hear that one.  He's now doing the sign for "brush teeth", which he loves to do, and he also wiggles his finger in his ear, which I figured out means he wants his temperature taken.  Aren't those funny signs for a kid to pick up and want to do? 

Today we mostly stayed at home.  Had dinner with a girlfriend at Chick Fil A before church.  Had yogurt at Tally's after church.  Bandaged Luke's ear.  What?  Yes.  He managed to get ahold of my razor and was "shaving" his face.  I thought I got it away from him before anything bad could happen, but a few minutes later there was blood dripping down his shoulder.  He had gotten a piece of his ear caught in the razor and shaved the skin off.  That things would NOT stop bleeding!  I had to put a band aid on it (his favorite thing.  Ug. Not a fan.) before we went to dinner and it was after church before it stopped bleeding.   Two hours.  I was starting to get worried!

And to top off everything else, someone was a little hunger and it seemed like my blush provided a tasty snack.