Sunday, July 25, 2010

Made it through church

Good news!  We made it through church today without having to go to the doctors!   Ha!  We would have made it through the entire service just fine, except five minutes into it I felt a tap tap tap on my shoulder, then a whisper in my ear that said "Did you know you have nursery duty this morning?"  Ummmm.  No.  I forgot.  OOPS!

After church Cody and I went to go pick up Ashley from Love Field, she was in a wedding this weekend in Tennessee.  Then we all went to Mooya for lunch and I gorged myself.  I mean really stuffed.  Afterwards all I could do was come home and lay down. 

By the time I got up it was already 3:45.  And I was supposed to have gotten small groups together tonight by 5:30. OOPS again.  I was dropping the ball all over the place.  I sent out an email but by then only the Hodges could make it, so we decided to meet at the park.  Bad idea on my part because it was suffocatingly hot.  It was like all the playground equipment was holding in the heat from the week.  We lasted maybe an hour before calling it quits.  I brought the boy home, Cody gave him a bath, and in the bed he went. 

So that was my day.  I didn't get to go see Shae before they left this afternoon.  They went ahead and ventured home, a nerve wracking three hour drive, but Praise Jesus! they made it safely.  Whew! 

This week doesn't have very much going on so far, but that tends to change as each new day arrives.  It starts out as a mellow, relaxing week, and then by the end we've gone 0 to 60.  No wonder the days, weeks, months are flying by!

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