Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Made it home

This morning we slept in until 9 again, whoo hoo!  Except that it made me more tired.  I felt like I was in a sleepy stupor all day.  Ashley and Luke and I drove home today (Mom is coming back with Gran and Grandy on Thursday) and I ended up sleeping part of the first half of the trip. 

The first half of the day we sat around.  We all watched cartoons, for Luke of course, but he ended up running off and we adults were still watching The Jetsons.  Lunch was huge and fabulous...the best brisket ever.  Luke only took a 45 minute nap.  Around 3 I went downtown with Mom and Ashely and Little Man to see how I was at taking pictures.  Turns out not that great, and the 100+ degree temperatures didn't help.  We were melting and Luke's rash looked like it was on fire.  :( 

I tried  so hard to get a good photo of Luke.  I couldn't get ANYTHING but his back!  Every time I had the camera up he would turn away. 

This was the closest I could get.  Pet the doggie?

Here is the movie theater and what used to be a fancy hotel.

There are paintings all over the walls.  One side of a building is covered in brand designs.  But then again, it is the building where you register your brand. (as in, the thing you burn into a cow to stake your claim)  (and not this picture, obviously this picture is of actual brands from companies.  I like to keep things confusing.)

And in one little side lot there are park benches just sitting there facing each other.  I've been going to this town my whole life and I've never seen this before. 

Since it was so hot we popped into some of the stores along the way to cool off.  Have I told you before how much Luke loves to shop?  He likes to go through the racks and pick things for me.  Sometimes it's embarrassing what he picks (like granny bras) but sometimes he makes good choices!

So obviously actual photographers don't have anything to worry about.  Any creativity or talent or whatever I have is limited to things involving fabric.  Not a shutter button.

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Farmgirl Paints said...

Let's see...sleeping in, brisket, the Jetson's and shopping all in one day. Doesn't get much better than that! Cute pic of him petting the doggie;)