Thursday, July 8, 2010

Meddling boy and new hat

This is the summer of a thousand rains.  It has rained almost every day the last few weeks.  Not that my lawn is complaining.  Or my electric bill since the rain has brought slightly cooler weather.  But I live in Texas.  Not Seattle. 

When we first got up this morning, and it was still dark in the house, Luke decided he needed sun glasses.  Don't ask me why.  That's why he's got massive bed head and squinty eyes.  I think the only place you need sun glasses at 7:45 in the morning is the sun.

I spent the whole day sewing and cutting and pinning and measuring.  Most of it's going on my Etsy site, which *fingers crossed* should be up in the next few days, but Luke's hat won't be on there.  What do you think?

I had ordered a denim one from Etsy, and when it finally got here was too small.  Boo.  So I ripped all the seams out, used the pieces as a pattern, and made one bigger for him to wear.  This one is actually a little too big!  But it works, and I love it.  I lined the band and bill with a fun white/blue/green plaid. 

And finally tonight I was sweeping the floors (this rain has reeked havoc on my floors, everyone tracks in entire garden's worth of dirt each time a foot is stepped outside of the house) and while I was cleaning, it seems my boy was cleaning too.  I finished what I was doing and when I went to find him this is where he was.

That's shampoo in his hair.  Shampoo that he swirled around to scrub his hair. 

Now, in his defense he had actually asked me a couple of times to get in the bath, but I had told him no it wasn't time yet.  Well, he made it time.  I had no choice to turn on the water.  And I would have been more annoyed, but he was a super sweet boy today.  He's made it a point to come and give me lots and lots of hugs and kisses today.  He's also gotten into the habit of giving me lots of kisses when he's getting in trouble.  Cause who can be mad at that?  It really does give new meaning to "This is going to hurt me more than it hurts you." since it just breaks my heart to discipline him.  Sometimes.

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Lucy Marie said...

It's finally raining here today. It's been so hot and dry. We really need it. I love that he got in the bath all by himself and decided to wash his hair. Too funny!