Monday, July 12, 2010

Small town slow down

After being so busy and stressed the last few days, it was so good to get out of town.  Last night Mom, Ashley, Luke and I left town (at 9!) for a little trip up to my grandparent's for a couple of days.  The trip is 4 hours west, and normally Luke does really well in the car.  Have I said before how blessed I've been with him?  He fell asleep for about an hour and a half, but he woke up at midnight.  And he woke up mad.  I mean MAD.  He did. not. want. to. sit. anymore.  So we actually had to stop and let him walk around.

At midnight.  In a parking lot. 

Not dangerous at all. 

Eventually we made it to Gran and Grandy's, and got some sleep.  Whew.

This morning we got up to a lazy day.  My aunt, uncle, cousin, and her husband came over and visited.  We had lunch.  Luke napped.  We visited more.  Finally after Luke woke up we got our things together and headed to the lake house.  Oh me oh my, it was the perfect weather.  The temperature was perfect.  The breeze was perfect.  The peace was perfect.  The hamburgers for dinner was perfect.  It was......lovely. 

We talked.

We did bubbles.

We (okay just Luke) got some necked time.

He got to be necked because of this. 

Isn't that the saddest thing you've ever seen?  I'm not sure what's causing it, I talked  to his pediatrician's office today and it's probably just another little virus.  He's not itchy, he's not feverish, he's just spotty from knees to his face, and all the way down to his hands.  I didn't want to irritate it further with a wet bathing suit after we went swimming, so necked he was.  Only once did I catch him peeing, and that was off the back porch.  Do I have a boy or what?

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Lucy Marie said...

I'm glad you're enjoying some down time! I hope that rash gets better real quick