Sunday, July 18, 2010

I jinxed it

Well, I said yesterday that I was going to spend another relaxing day at the pool today. 

Noooooot so much.

This morning Luke and I got ready for bible class and made it just in time.  After bible class I picked him up, and I noticed his right ear was oozing a little bit.  I took him to sit down and I stuck my pinkie in his ear to clean it out.  That's when I noticed the smell.  My poor baby had a smelly gunky ear.  That can't be good.  Then he wanted to go play outside and when I told him no, that's when all hell broke loose.  Normally when I tell him no he gets upset and then he gets over.  Today he could not get over it.  Once he started to cry it was like he couldn't stop.  At one point he was even that kid you hear in a prayer, when it's all nice and quite, suddenly scream bloody murder and start bawling.

Yep.  That was my kid.

I rushed him out the back door and I took him into the nursing room to rock him.  No, I do not nurse my two year old, but that room gets used the least out of any room and if he was contagious with something he would be the most isolated in there.  Finally after he was inconsolable for almost an hour I decided to take him to the emergency clinic.  I took him out the the Acute Kids and *grrrrrrrrr* they don't open until 12 and it was 11:30.  Of course.   So irritating.  That meant we had to go back to PrimaCare, the same I took him a couple of weeks ago.  Aaaaaaaaand the lady recognized him.  Once again, being the first at something isn't always a great thing. 

Anyway, after waiting there for 2 HOURS, I was told my sweet boy most likely has an inner ear infection.  There was so much goop in there the dr couldn't see anything.  Now he's on ear drops and an antibiotic and I need to make an appointment with the pediatrician for the end of the week. 

He's had trouble off and on all day today.  I put the drops in his ear and it's so congested it couldn't even get down into the canal.  And it took 15 minutes and a Capri Sun juice to get the antibiotic down without him gagging/throwing it back up.  And he's now been in bed for an hour and a half and he's still whimpering, not sleeping.  He keeps sticking his finger in his ear, which is probably not helping the situation.  I think it might be a long night.  We also had to skip life group tonight.  :(  That's two weeks in a row!

On top of all, the dr today said we shouldn't go swimming for at least a week.  At least!  My tan!  My tan I've worked so hard for!  Oh well.  There's always the back yard and garden hose during nap time if I'm desperate. 

Another surprising thing that happened tonight was the rain.  I know, rain in the forecast shouldn't really be a surprise considering the fact that it's rained for almost a month solid (although the past week has been clear skies with a heat index of 110.  Yikes).  But tonight I didn't even realize there were rain clouds out there until it suddenly started pouring so hard the house behind us was blurry.  All while the sky was orange.  Creepy?  Just a little. 
But on a positive note, do you see how green our lawn is?  And how the dead spot is filling in?  Who knew that all it needed was water?  The whole top left hand quarter used to be dead, but now it just looks like a little strip.  And my father in law came over yesterday and sprayed our lawn with some super serious stuff, so maybe our crab grass woes are going to be behind us soon!  If we keep this up we just might have a presentable yard next summer.

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Lucy Marie said...

Eeek. I'm so sorry Luke is sick. I hope he's feeling better today.