Tuesday, July 6, 2010

My Day Off

Okay, it was mostly my day off.  I had to do a little work before my day off started, and it's called.....I had to call the fire department.

Yesterday afternoon our carbon monoxide detector went off.  The one I bought almost exactly a year ago.  It didn't sound too urgent (? don't ask.) so I just popped open a couple of windows and it quit.  I figured if it went off again later after I shut the windows I would figure out what to do.  Well, it went off again at 11 last night.  Of course.  Cody and I tossed around the idea of going to spend the night at Mom and Dad's just to be safe, but we thought eh! we'll just pop a window again and deal with it in the morning.

So this morning bright and early at 8 (thank you Luke) I called the air conditioning company we've used before and asked them if they checked that kind of stuff.  She said no, we have to call the fire department.  Really?  Yes.  So I googled our fire department's number and gave them a buzz. Sure they can dispatch someone!  I went back to what I was doing, which was putting the couch cushion covers back on the couch since a little someone got yogurt all over them recently.  I figured the FD would show up in the next hour or so and contemplated putting on make up.  What if they were cute?

Three minutes later, I kid you not, I heard sirens.  Oh, that's sad, someone got in a wreck this early.  They got closer.  Some poor old person must have fallen and can't get up.  They stop in front of my house.

You read that right.  The big red truck.  With lights.  With sirens.  In front of my house.  There go the neighbors again

Apparently carbon monoxide is a super duper big deal.  Like, big deal.  He told me that if it really had been CM last night, the open window wouldn't have mattered and we'd be dead in a matter of minutes.  Thanks nice old man who isn't cute.  Glad I didn't get a chance to put on make up. 

They walked around the house, checked everything with their meter, and turns out we need our battery replaced.  Which they did.  That wasn't embarrassing at all.  Nope.  Not like having the neighbors peeking out their windows at the ruckus going on in front of our house.  Nah.  It also wasn't embarrassing that Luke took a liking to one of the fire men, who picked him up and took him out to see the truck. Wiiiiiiiiiith a dirty diaper.  I have never felt so trashy.  It all just happened so fast. 

After that ordeal, which was totally over by 8:30, I got Luke all fixed up for his Nana and Papa date today.  They came by at 10 and took him to the pool and then back to their house for lunch and a nap.  That meant I got most of the day to do whatever I wanted.  And what did I do?  Shop.  Right before I left the house I found something. 

Hmmmmm....that wasn't like that yesterday.......

I am/was looking for a certain kind of bead, so I went to a place in Denton that might have them.  Nope.  But I did just meander through several little shops and boutiques there in the old timey square.  I  lunched  alone at this little tea shop and there was an interesting table next to me.  It was an older woman with a late teen boy and girl.  They were talking about the meaning of the word wisdom and compassion.  Well, mostly the lady was talking, the boy and girl were pretty much just listening.  It was the oddest thing, and it was weird because not once did they bring up any spiritual aspect of it.  How can you talk about wisdom and compassion without talking about Christ?  That's like trying to describe a rain storm without acknowledging the clouds. 

Then I drove into Dallas to go to a bead store located close to Harry Hindes. They didn't have it either, so I just kinda drove up and down Harry Hindes to see if they had any more stores (read- bead or fabric) that I could go in.  Oh. My. Gosh.  I will never ever go on that road again.  And definitely not without a male escort.  Preferably my husband who would actually go to bat for me if something were to go down.  There are just no words to describe it.  I'll move on now.

After the strikes out I went to my redemption store, Quilter's Country here in town.  I picked up some fun fabric and then went to pick up my boy.  I sure did miss him. When we came home it was raining, and I tried to get him to play in the rain.  This was as close as he got. 

It's right before the water starts  dripping off the back of the house.

Later I got to painting my nails.  Since I have no money to get pedicures any more, I decided to give myself one.  For some reason I really needed to have something dark on my hands and feet, which is odd because I NEVER paint my finger nails.  Ever.  So I bought what I thought would work and I set out. 

That's after 4 coats.  I tried it on my fingers and I felt like a 12 year old girl.  It just wasn't dark enough.  So I ran back up to Walgreen's and I got black.  Yes, black.  I have never ever bever painted my nails black, or even anything remotely close to it.  But I just had to do it, and it had to be tonight.  It was almost like a craving.  Isn't that weird?  So yes, I did cut, file, and  paint my nails at 10 just now, and they look like this. 

Don't mind the mess, that stuff was hard to get even!  I'll fix it in the shower tomorrow. 

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Lucy Marie said...

Sounds like a good day off. I'm glad you enjoyed yourself. And I like the black .. I think it's kind of fun.