Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Locked out. Again.

Oh that's right.  You read it.  I got locked out.  Again.

Only, unlike last time, today I was locked out of my car.  At Walmart. 

Let's start from the beginning.  This morning I decided that since the sun was out I was going to take Luke to the pool.  He's still TECHNICALLY supposed to stay away from getting his head wet because it would wash the antibiotic drops we are still putting in away, but a Momma's gotta do what a Momma's gotta do.  So I rounded everything up, and headed out a little early to stop off at Walmart before hand to pick up some towels for a hooded towel order I've got. 

We went in, we shopped, we came out.  Luke's got a nasty habit of running straight for the driver's side door and climbing in as soon as I unlock the car, so that he can "drive" and push all the buttons.  Today was no different, so as soon as I got the bags and everything in the car I went to retrieve him so I could put him in his seat and off to the pool we would go.  Wrong.  As I pulled him out of the driver's seat he was frantically pushing every last button he could reach as h passed by.  That included the door lock button.  Which I didn't realize until after I closed the door behind him. 

*head hanging*  So we were locked out.  Again.  With my wallet and cell phone inside the car. 

There was a security guy sitting in a car a few spaces away, so I went over to solicit his help.  No he didn't have a jimmy thing to hack open the door.  Could I just call someone?  No genius, the reason I'm talking to you is because I have no other life line.  He hands over his phone after making sure it would be a local call, and once again I'm left staring at it.  Nope, didn't learn my lesson after last time and still don't have anyone's number memorized.  I tried a couple of numbers that I thought might be my sister's buuuuuuuuuut......they were both wrong.  So, I just hand the phone back, smile politely, thank him, and pick up my son to start walking.

Yep.  That's right.  Luke and I start walking.  We walk from Walmart to my parent's house in our bathing suits, carrying a lone bottle of sunscreen (I had just bought it and had planned on applying on Luke before putting him in the car seat).  Now it's only 3/4ish of a mile from Wallyworld to Mom and Dad's, but with a bathing suit, flip flops, a 30 lb weight, and 95 degree weather it seems like 10 miles.  Especially since my idea of working out is standing to iron instead of sitting.  For real. 

As we (okay, I) was walking I passed this little creek with lots of brush.  I looked sooooooo hard for a dead body or at least feet sticking out, because it looked like the perfect place to dispose a body.  I may or may not watch too many crime shows.  Bad news.  I didn't. 

FINALLY I got to my parents house and Ashley did a double take when she saw there was no car.  But then she was gracious enough to take us over to the house to get my spare key, and then back up to Walmart to get the car.  Once again, I'm so glad I live 1.5 miles from them.  And also I'm so glad that Ashley currently lives with Mom and Dad.  And also I'm glad she was home. 

Summary?  I am glad.

So finally we get Luke and I got to the pool, only 45 minutes after I had wanted to get there.  I spent the rest of my morning relaxing in the shallow end while Luke ran around.  Then we came home and watched t.v.  I felt I needed a reward after all that had transpired.

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Lucy Marie said...

Oh no! Not again .. you have the worst luck with locked doors. At least Luke wasn't stuck in the car!