Friday, July 2, 2010

Back to slow

Life the last two days has slowed back down.  Down to a nice crawling pace.  Like, I haven't cooked the last two nights.  We've been eating leftovers from Luke's party.  What?!  If you know us well, you know we never ever eat leftovers.  But we've done it.  Twice.

Yesterday the only thing I did was meet up with a girlfriend for lunch.  It's a girl I taught with my very first year of teaching and we have kept in touch.  We laughed and shared over pizza, and my baby boy was PERFECT.  I'm not even kidding.  No fits.  No nothing.  He sat/stood in his chair and worked on a sucker.  He sat in my lap and worked on the sucker.  He was calm and perfect for two hours.  Miracle or what?

Today more of the same.  I took him to his two year well check this morning and once again he was perfect!  Not only in behavior but in his bill of health.  We've had such a good streak the last few months of no asthma related problems that I asked her if he was maybe growing out of it or was it just because of summer.  She said at this point it's probably just summer, we'll know more this winter.  But other than that, it's all good!  He's 27 lbs still, and 33 1/2 inches tall, which put him at the 25% on both.  People who think he is big for his age are crazy!  After that we stopped at Khol's on our way home to wander around.  I picked up a couple more plain little girl shirts to embellish....maybe start an inventory for an upcoming Esty shop?  :)  We'll just have to see. 

It also rained again today.  The beautiful, slow, summer rain with no wind or thunder.  Lovely.  I would have taken Luke out to play in it, but he isn't fond of the sprinkler getting him wet, so I figured the rain would be worse. 

And here's a close up of his precious eyes.  I call them hazel?

And here's a taste of our car collection now.  This is about half of it.  I was sitting right there in the middle of it playing on the computer.  I was a giant mountain in need of bulldozing.

Finally, just an FYI.....spell checker is finally back!  For the last SEVERAL months I've been without.  If I didn't know how to spell something I would either hope no one noticed or Googled it.  Mostly hoped no one noticed.  Which probably didn't go over very well, so sorry about that.  I spell about as well as I can navigate places, and I couldn't get myself out of a paper bag with both ends opened up.  What I'm saying is I'm terrible at spelling and directions.  But now spelling will be checked!

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Lucy Marie said...

YOU ATE LEFTOVERS? I can't get past that ...hehehehe