Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Seeeester's birthday

Today my little sister turned 23.  23!  I don't even remember what I did for my 23rd birthday.  Pssssh.  That was 4 years ago. 

This morning my friend Kristin came over to do some sewing.  She brought over her sewing machine and some fabric and wanted help with an apron to match some recipe cards/box for a shower gift, but she didn't need my help at all!  Girl was good!  She had found this cute ruffly one and  even though we only got half way done I could tell it was going to be the most darling thing.  I'm even thinking about making one and I don't cook!  Well, except I did cook (okay, bake) Ashley's birthday cake today.  I had a ton of left over fondant from Luke's cake last week and I wanted to use it up.  More on that later.  Anyway, it was so fun catching up with my friend!  We taught together my last year of teaching, and she was about the only face I truly enjoyed going to see everyday. 

Ashley picked to go for pizza and bowling for her birthday dinner.  We ate a Palio's, which is mmmmm-mmmm good, and thankfully we were just about the only people in there.  That meant Luke could get down and meddle all he wanted to after he ate without disturbing anyone.  Until he found salt on another table that is, and Daddy had to go snatch him up. 

Bowling was fun too, but I was reminded of how terrible I am.  We got through two games, and at the beginning of the first one I was almost winning.

But by the last frame I was in last place. 

Then for the second game we all did worse.  At least I was still on top then.

By the second game was over, I was just pitiful. 

I don't know what happened.  I went 4 frames without hitting a single pin. 

While Ashley, me, Dad, and Cody were bowling, Mom took charge of Cutie and let him run around the place.  He played with the balls

And drove around a little. 

Finally  it was back to the house to eat cake and open presents.  Now, my cake experience was better this time than the last two times I've tried this stuff.  I actually covered the whole thing in fondant, and it's really hard to get the side's smooth!  Not biggie I thought.  I'll just cover it with decorations.  Except when I dyed the fondant yellow I put in too much and it was waaaaaay bolder than I wanted.  Kristen told me it was kind of like a John Deer cake.  Not what I had envisioned.  But, it was all I had so I went with it.  I give you the clashing John Deer birthday cake. 

I let Luke have a whole entire slice, and man did he attack it.  Oh, he'll eat a cupcake with a fork, but a wedge of cake?  Let's just attack that puppy with our hands. 

There was icing EVERYWHERE. 

p.s.- I'm still black....

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Lucy Marie said...

37 is a bad score, friend. Sorry. But it is. I love Luke's hair .. it's so cute!