Friday, July 30, 2010

A new appliance needed

Yesterday morning my days of denial couldn't be ignored any more.  A couple of days ago I noticed a big bag of frozen chicken in the freezer was completely thawed.  Hmmm......that's not supposed to happen.  Then the next day or so I went to bite into a strawberry and the coldness of it didn't hurt my teeth like it normally did.  Interesting. 

Well, yesterday I went to pour Luke's morning cup of milk, and lets just say it didn't pout.  And it wasn't due to expire for several more days.  We had a problem. 

So who do I call?  My dad.  He gives me a list of people to call, and I ended up picking Sears.  I claimed it was an emergency and the guy at the call center said someone would be out between 1 and 5.  Thanks dude.  Seeing it was only 9, I settled in to wait. 

Much to my surprise, I got a call a little after noon that the repair man was on his way.  Early?!  No way!  So the man came, the man made a mess of my kitchen, the man told me it would be $350 to fix, the man left.  After consulting with Cody, we decided to just take the money, add a little to it, and invest in a new one.  Except upon looking at things closer, it seems there's not quiet the money now to do either, so......we've got bare necessities in an ice chest.  Ha!  It's not been bad at all.  Just keeping Luke out of it is the hard part.  Maybe I should change my name to The Suburban Pioneer Woman.

Not to long after that I got a fresh pedicure.  (excuse the other nails that actually do need to be repainted)

By Luke.  I was sitting at the computer when all of the sudden I felt something cold and wet on my toe.  Holy moly I freaked out when I looked down and saw what was going on.  I snatched the nail polish away from him and frantically ran around the house like a chicken with my head cut off looking for the puddle of burgundy nail polish I was sure he dumped out.  Much to my relief I didn't find any.  He must have gotten the bottle and waited to open it until he sat at my feet.  And paint my nails like he's seen me do.  Oh brother what am I in for.

Since that was pretty much all of my morning and early afternoon, I didn't do much the rest of the day.  Luke and I played.  One of his favorite things to do play King of the Mountain on my bed or the back of the couch.  Annoying if you are sitting there, but super fun to watch if you're not. 

For dinner Cody  was meeting a few of his friends a Fuzzy Tacos, and he invited Luke and I, so off we went.  It was fun!  Dillon was there, and we teamed up against Cody to go get yogurt from Tappy's.  Oh it's so good.  The birthday cake flavor with fresh strawberries and mango is the absolute best. 

Okay.  Now I want some.

This morning Luke had a speech appointment, and then afterwards I got on facebook.  Low and behold, my friend Brandy finally had her baby last night!  I immediately texted her to see if she was ready for visitors, so we headed up.  Yay for baby Jack arriving!  He is perfect!  Then Luke and I ran to Walmart to take back some towels and get a few grocery items and ice.  Oh, the ice we are going to have to buy.  It was pretty late by the time I got us home and fed, so when I put him down for a nap at 1:30 I figured he would go right to sleep. 

WRONG!  At 3 when he was still awake and playing I just let him stay up.  Then at 5 I looked down from the fabric I was cutting and he was asleep in the floor beside me.  Poor baby!  So I picked him up and held him until Cody got home, which woke him up.  So with 10 minute nap today I figured he would go right to sleep tonight. 

WRONG!  I put him down at 8 and it's now 9 and it's finally quiet.  So there.  Now I think I'll go get a glass of milk out of my ice chest and try and scrounge up some chocolate.  My dinner of sausage, Brussels sprouts, and baby carrots just didn't hit the spot. 


Tara Branch said...

I died laughing when I read the part about Luke painting your toenails! That was so sweet of him! Haha!! Love the new look of your blog and CRAZINESS about picking the exact stuff out for my blog that yours used to be. Great minds think alike! ;) Let's hang out soon please!!

Taylor said...

I absolutely LOVE Tappy's. I'd team up with you any day if there was even a slight chance I might end up with some of that delicious stuff!!