Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Cutie and Laps

First things first, I've changed up my personal routine again. Having my quiet time from 3-4 wasn't working out quite like I thought it would, so I bit the bullet this morning and got up at 7 to do it before Luke woke up. And you know what? It was fantastic. Studied from 7-8 (okay, okay, more like 7:15 to 8 by the time I got my coffee made) and then I still had 45 minutes to piddle around on the computer before Sir Sleeps A Lot woke up. What a great way to start the day!

Once SSAL did get up, I tried on the little outfit I bought for him to wear to a wedding next week. I knew it would at least need to be hemmed so I wanted to check out how it was fitting. Just in case I don't get any pictures of him during the wedding:

Holy moly, this has got to be one of my very favorite things I have ever put on him. Probably right after this:

That was his Easter outfit.

Then later this morning I actually took Luke on a walk. It's been at least 4 months since I have put on tennis shoes, if not longer. I am slightly allergic to excises. It has this unwanted side effect of making me sweaty and out of breath, and when I get sweaty I have to shower, and when I shower I have to redo my hair, so when possible I abstain. But....We had fun! It took about 30 minutes (20 minutes longer than I meant to go), and half way through I felt sorry for Daisy Dog and let her ride in the bottom basket of the stroller. Good thing there wasn't anyone in the park walking, or we might have gotten some funny looks.

Finally when we got home, Luke started to do his own laps. He has this thing where he goes around the couch, coffee table, and rocking chair, pushing his red car. I mean, he will do 7-8 laps at a time. I finally got a video of him doing it today, by the time I got my camera he had already done 4 laps.

Edit: video will be in separate posts. Too tired to figure out how to put it here.

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Lucy Marie said...

Funny! My nephew is all into doing laps around anything and everything right now. He will just go in circles for hours if you let him.