Thursday, September 10, 2009

Cleaning like there is no tomorrow

Today I got so much accomplished! Luke and I had breakfast with a sweet friend, went to the pet store (where Luke tried to "love" on the puppies and kitties through the glass. It was too sweet!), went to Wal Mart, and then came home to lunch and nap time. Once I put him down I picked up the house, finished laundry, and cleaned the floors. Why did I need to get so much done? Because tomorrow I'm having surgery. :( I have a baby tooth that is getting pulled and a rod implanted in the hole so that in a few months I can have a crown screwed into that hole. Awesome huh? Since I've never been fully put under, and I don't know how long it will be before I feel up to doing housework I thought I better get some of it done today. Also the thought crossed my mind that if for some reason, something happened to me while I was under, at least the house would look clean when people stopped by to give their condolences to Cody and Luke. Isn't that awful? It's also one of the reasons why I clean before I go on vacation. Mostly I just like coming home to a clean house.

Last year this horrible lady on my team told me about an aunt of hers that died in a car wreck and when everyone went over to the house later it was a disaster and the family talked about it for years. Isn't' that TERRIBLE!!!! I am so glad I'm not in that family. But it still crosses my mind at least once when I leave the house.

Anyway, I'm not worried that something will happen tomorrow. I have full confidence I will return tomorrow night with a post that just says "ow". But even if something were to happen, bring it on Lord! How amazing would it be that I wouldn't have to deal with the troubles of this world and could be walking with the Lord in heaven?! Please don't take that the wrong way- I am in no way suicidal. I just long, no, ache for the day when I can see my Savior and be done with the the pain of this fallen world. Plus then I could ask my questions. You know, like, what was really the deal with dinosaurs. And who shot Kennedy. Oh, and probably why the bible isn't in chronological order.

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Lucy Marie said...

Praying all goes well and for a quick recovery.