Thursday, September 24, 2009

Donut Day

So this morning was a major mile stone for us. I am usually very picky about what goes into my son's mouth, but I was out of pancake batter for breakfast, and I didn't want cereal again. I wanted donuts. I had to have donuts. So, I found the only cold weather top that he has (mental note- buy child some warmer clothes soon) which was a size 24 months sweatshirt and bundled him up for the crisp 65 degree weather outside. It was cold! But not so cold that I couldn't wear flip flops with my XL sweatshirt from college. Lucky you there's no picture proof of how RAGGED I looked as I pulled out of the driveway. Momma didn't put on any make up at all, and I think Luke was a little confused as to who was behind the wheel. Just kidding. I introduced myself.

I think Luke rather enjoyed his first venture into fried sugary goodness. He ate 5 holes like this:

He liked them so much he talked to them:

Who do you call on a donut phone? Not sure. I am not quite as fluent in babble as I would like to be. What did momma enjoy? Only a chocolate covered donut stuffed with chocolate butter cream. It was a.m.a.z.i.n.g. It will take mucho will power not to swing by and get one daily, since this place is about 45 seconds from my house. Good thing this is next door:

Not kidding. I took this picture from the turn lane right before I pulled into the parking lot just in case you didn't believe me. And then when we got home there is a good chance Luke was all hopped up on sugar because I looked over and he was doing this:

Tomorrow if I have time I will compile the video that goes along with that photo of him SHOUTING at the man mowing the lawn down the street. Yes, the window are still open.

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