Monday, September 7, 2009

New things

The last couple of days have been filled with several "firsts" for Luke and I. Here is a run down:

-mowed the lawn today (I am so glad that I have been able to duck that responsibility for the last 26 years. Some places took every pound of body weight I had, and that still wasn't enough.)

-fed Luke bratwurst (I made chili dogs tonight for supper and I decided to get off my high horse about feeding him hot dog type foods. Of course he loves it and didn't eat any of his green beans.)

-went to Natalie's swim party (okay, okay, it wasn't the first time that we went to their house, and it wasn't the fist time we went swimming there, and it wasn't our first swim party, but it was Natalie's first birthday, so that counts right?)

-Luke has figured out burping is funny. So now it goes like this: eat eat eat eat *burp!* giggle giggle giggle

-Got Luke fitted for shoes at Stride Rite. Mom says that when I was little she just HAD to get me my shoes there, thinking that if they ever had another little girl she could wear them too. Low and behold, then there was Ashley. Except her foot was so fat that she couldn't fit into anything. Baaahahahahaha. She was a fat baby.

-I watched 4 hours of super morbidly obese people yesterday. TLC had this marathon of documentaries on people who weigh over 800 lbs. I watched it while I was laying on the couch eating powdered donuts. And then I moved the bed while I snacked on cookies. Maybe I'll be the next star of the show.

-His cup and/or snack can "ride" on the seat of his car as he pushes it around, so then all he has to do is bend over and drink. Now that's problem solving.

I didn't have any pictures of these "firsts" (while I did have my camera at the party, it didn't make it out of my bag. Big surprise there. But a friend did snap a couple of pictures of us, so in my typical fashion, the pictures will come a wee bit late.) so I've included some pictures of Luke's first bath.

(poor kid doesn't know what's about to hit him)


(this woman is trying to drowned me! Someone help a boy out!)


(holy moly, I survived. It wasn't so bad.)

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Rachel said...

AWWW He is soooo cute!