Wednesday, September 23, 2009

That lady

Today I was that lady. I was that lady in Target who let her child snack on cheerios. I was that lady whom you could tell where she had been due to the trail of cheerios behind her. Luke has these snack cups:

They are supposed to keep spilling to a minimum, and when used correctly are fabulous. Except Luke doesn't use them correctly. He sticks his little hand in there and grabs AS MANY as that chubby fist can accommodate. Which means a million come flying out as he yanks his hand back out. Oiy. There were cheerios everywhere. Everywhere. I felt like Hansel and Gretel, lots in a Target. So yes fellow shoppers, the crunch under your feet is my desperate attempt to keep a scream from reaching your ears.

That said, I am pretty impressed with all that I got done today. I went to Babies R Us, DSW, Half Price Books, Target, and Hobby Lobby. Did you notice the last one? Yes, Hobby Lobby. Be on the lookout for my latest towels/bags/whatever coming soon!

Also, here is a peek a Kendra's bridal shots. I can't wait to see the wedding ones!

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