Saturday, September 12, 2009


Okay. So I have sat here for an hour trying to figure out how to make a song play when you pull up my blog. All I can get it to do is play a 30 second snippet of the song, which is not the desired effect. I really wanted to have Revelation Song playing, because I wanted to talk about how much I have really enjoyed it lately. For some reason it's one of those songs I can listen to over and over and just feel so elated with God. Totally loving it right now, maybe one day I'll be able to share it with you. BAH! I get so frustrated when I can't figure things out! I like to think of my self as semi-technologically savvy, but right now it's *ppsshhh* right over my head.

And just in case you are wondering, my surgery went well yesterday. I fought the anesthesia (it was my first time be put under, okay?! and at one point I did crack a joke about how I have trouble relaxing and my husband would agree with that. Are you supposed to crack jokes half doped up?) and after they moved the needle down farther on my arm it did the trick. I remember trying to think of different relaxing things, like picturing myself being at home with Luke, and then they told me it was time to get up. I tried to tell them I wasn't asleep yet and that I was getting more relaxed, but then the nurse gently informed me it was over. Hmm. She must have been telling the truth because now I have a hole in my mouth with a silver peg sticking out. But don't worry, you can barely see it when I smile. And luckily I have an awesome family that helped me all day. My dear little grandmother drove me to and from the dr, as well as hung out at the house all day. Dad came over and stayed with Luke from 7:30 in the morning until 9 last night, only leaving briefly to go pick us up some dinner, and Mom came over as soon as school was out and left with Dad at 9. By 4 or so I was feeling much better, but she actually fussed at me for trying to help out around in the kitchen! I am so thankful to have such a supportive family.

And I'm still frustrated about the song. It's rained all day today, so I think I better go lay down and listen to it....think relaxing thoughts.....

*EDIT* I've messed with it for another hour and now all I can get it to do is have that little box in the top left column. If you click on the play arrow next to each song you can listen to the whole thing. I am also loving Mighty to Save! *sigh* okay, really going to listen to the rain now.

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